Saturday, July 24, 2021

Woman: Fragile, Delicate, Fire

When Adam calls Eve woman, he is calling her a fragile delicate fire. I love this. I see passion that easily can be snuffed out or fanned into a flame. God's word is so beautiful. I was pondering the gift of  womanhood.

My Greg has always treated me with such a blessing. I see it in little things like I never open my door. He always takes the time to go to the other side and take care of me first even when he is tired and hot. Once a torrential down pour started when we were in a store so Greg told me to wait as he ran to the car and pulled it up under the awning so I would not get wet. I laughed, felt special, and delighted in his gift. 

I could tell a thousand ways that Greg seeks to treat me like a fragile flame. I imagine when we first got married he worked hard at making sure he did it, but as time progressed it has become unconscious. It is a part of his memory map of how to treat a woman and more importantly to me his wife.

It occurred to me that I can easily take these for granted and I can also have the expectation. I am always aware when I am in the presence of men who do not do these things. I am old enough now and have lived in a pattern of being so blessed that when I do not receive it or seeing it done for another my heart longs for it. It is the little things that speak honor and care.

I watched a young man with his girl recently. He walked through door as she was left behind. He strode to the car without acknowledging her and then just got in the car and waited as she put the groceries away. My heart was sad. It was as much his loss as hers. 

So, this is a rally cry for men young and old. Women are a fragile fire. Culture tries to fight this truth. Don't let Culture trump the gift of womanhood. I have only given one simple example that a man can guard the fragile fire of woman. 

What has been your favorite way your man has guarded you? Or what has been a core way for you as a man to guard your woman? 

Celebrating that I am a fragile fire! You should too!

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