Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Heaven's Hospitality: Joshua 2 Rahab and the Two Spies

I love that GOD is always at work! I love that HE uses unexpected guests in our lives to reveal His plan. I love that He will allow us to give hospitality to people that we may not even know that GOD is orchestrating something far beyond our imagination! I love welcoming people into our home and I love it when we have the privilege of different nations being represented. I often wonder what God will do through my dear friends and our lives as we enjoy a meal or visit. 

In this week's Heaven's Hospitality, we will discover that GOD uses unexpected guests to reveal His great plan in the life of Rahab, a prostitute, that was willing to lie to protect two spies from another land. Why would she do that? Well, if you are following this series you will have caught by now that Rahab was honoring the Biblical middle east ethics of hospitality. She recognized that God was at work and that His plan was unfolding. She did not want to be left out! I know I don't! 

May we all have such a heart to see GOD at work around us!

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