Tuesday, July 13, 2021

"Here I am" Faith

Do you have a "Here I am faith?" As I examined Abraham's most trying moment in Genesis 22, I am humbled by the "Here I am faith!" 

Abraham took small daily steps of faith that caused him to leave family, land, and culture to walk in obedience to God. God had already given Abraham three promises that He would make His descendants like the stars in the sky and like the sand on the seashore (Genesis 12, 15, & 17).

The voice of God automatically invoked a "Here I am" attitude in Abraham.  All of those small steps of faith had already revealed that God is I AM. He is present. He is at work. Maybe Abraham thought, "My thoughts do not make sense when it comes to God's plan, but I am going to move forward in obedience knowing God will provide. He did with the birth of Isaac. He can do it in his death."

Abraham's obedience brought about the fourth reminder of the promised blessing! And a provision of a ram! God obviously wanted Abraham to keep moving forward by faith. 

But what really struck me about the story is that Abraham then went back into his simple routine. He gathered his servants and went back to moving forward in faith steps that are not even recorded.  Except that so and so had a baby and that his beloved Sarah, the one the promised child would come through, passed away. "Here I am" faith steps go unnoticed in the daily. Yes, they will show up at some point and surprise us that we have a faith stronger than we thought, but in the daily it seems more like normal living.

What we view as huge God moment leads us into living out simple faith steps in our daily routine. Great faith like Abraham's did not come in this moment. It came over time as he kept moving forward by faith. He kept listening for the voice of God and when he heard it, he took a step of faith that revealed a "Here I am" LORD attitude. 

What about you? Can you say that you are living in a "Here I am" attitude? Do you trust the LORD will provide? 

I think I have a new prayer to pray today!

Father, please give me an attitude of "Hear I am" LORD. I pray I am willing to do it in my daily routine through small faith steps trusting that You will provide and bring forth Your promised blessings.

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