Thursday, July 1, 2021

2 Kings 5 Naaman is Healed

In today's Heaven's Hospitality lesson,  we get to meet 2 kings, several servants, a wife, and a commander. It is a crazy situation where two kings that are arch enemies are brought together by a servant girl suggesting that her Master go to the man of God from her land to be healed. 

Theologians call her an unwilling missionary. She was taken captive as a slave and yet she chose to give what she knew would be God's best to her captor. Crazy beautiful and wonderfully powerful. Yet, the servant in the house of God. He chose to seek personal bounty from the benevolence of the healed commander. He used his position to take and receive. 

As I pondered this passage, I realized the word "take" has such potential for power or poison. We can "take" and give blessing or we can "take" and rob blessings. 

I hope you listen and share. I really feel God wants someone to hear this story. It might be you! Will you take and receive the blessing?

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