Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Heaven's Hospitality: Genesis 19:1-26 Lot & the Two Visitors

Our hospitality will reveal our character in the small moments. 

Heaven's Hospitality: Genesis 19:1-26 Lot & the Two Visitors

Do you ever feel afraid?

Do you ever feel afraid?  Do you ever feel like your enemy has the upper hand? Psalm 27 is David's Psalm of Hope in the face of enemies. Notice that David only spent a few verses declaring what his enemy was doing, but spent the rest of the Psalm focused on holy soul talk. David spent more time reminding himself about the character of God. 

Do you see how David speaks often of God as His dwelling place? Why? Hope knows where to dwell. Hope does not dwell on the enemy. It acknowledges the reality before God and then focuses on the character of God. Hope is a choice of focus. 

What character traits of God do you need to focus on today? Which ones do you need to lift up in praise? Will you choose God confidence? 

I sure hope so because this the sacred place where Hope is born.  

Shalom y'all!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Have you ever felt forgotten by God?

Have you ever felt forgotten? Have you ever felt forgotten by God? In Psalm 13, we can see the very real and raw emotion of David, the man known for being after God's own heart, as he expresses the emotion of feeling forgotten by God. Yet, as we read David's Psalm we discover a pattern that we can follow in our place of despair that will transition us to hope. 

David's transition takes place when he begins asking God for help. He knew he needed to be real about the pain, feeling, or emotion, but he choose not to stay there. He chose to seek God, proclaim God's character, and give God his praise and worship.

I love learning from the Psalmists. I learn that it is ok to be authentic about our suffering. But, I realize that in order to move from despair to rejoicing I must choose to seek God and choose hope.

Have you ever felt that despair? What helped you to transition to hope?  Are you willing to use this Psalm of Hope to give you a pattern to pray through? 

I know in my life that it has been the habit of choosing to praise God's character that has moved me from despair to hope. This prayer pattern has been one of my core strengths. I figured if it was good enough for David then it is good enough for me. Shalom y'all.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Heaven's Hospitality: Welcoming someone who is not like me. Genesis 18:1-10

This series has had a tremendous impact on my life and my family's lives. As I did the research for the one not like me I discovered that the LORD actually provides us with an ethic we should live by as we serve those around us. I found that the Bible Dictionary stated that there were five ethics of hospitality that the people were expected to live by in the ancient biblical middle east. What surprised me was that when I studied Bible stories using these five ethics as my lens, I saw that blessing came to those that honored and did not to those that did not. It was quite profound. I am seeking to grow in my gift of hospitality. This is born from the reality that I had much to learn. So, please do not think that I am an expert. I am far from it. I am merely a student in the journey of growing and seeking to hold sacred that which God does reveal to me. I pray this series blesses you as much as it has blessed me. Shalom y'all.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

A Parable about Listening and Sharing a Bible Story

When I was recording the audio for the next video I was creating,  it as a typical "how-to" video when I heard in my heart, "You should tell it as a parable and let the story show the how-to." I stopped in the middle of the recording and wrote this little parable. I realize that no one else will love Bob and Fred as much I do. I am okay with that! But, it is silly how I can fall in love with a little character. The graphics of Bob and Fred were created by Audio Scripture's Storytelling Graphic Artist, Allison Wilcox. I had fun creating little scenes around her little guys. It is my prayer that this video will help those that receive the Audio Bibles to know what to do once they have listened to the Audio Bible. 

Please pray with me that GOD will get this into the right ears and then hands and feet! Pray that Bob and Fred are blessed with many people discovering how to LEARN, SHARE, and TEACH the WORD of GOD! 

 You would greatly bless me if you would watch and share! And maybe GOD might want you to come alongside and partner in sending Audio Bibles to those that do not have access to the Word of God in their heart language! 😉