Wednesday, September 29, 2021

When our Actions Don't Match our Words Trust Gets Broken

In today's Bible story in the Joseph series, we will discover the importance of letting our actions match our words. As you listen to the next few stories in the series as yourself, how did their actions not matching their words break trust. It greatly affected Joseph's family dynamics. 

How has your trust been broken by those who say one thing but do another? How might have you broken the trust of others by not following through?

It is at this point in Joseph's story that we see the consequences and how it affects his brothers and his father.

Watch the story here..

Sunday, September 26, 2021

God was with Joseph

Have you ever felt like every time you turn around someone else is doing you wrong? If anyone could give this as a complaint it is Joseph in the Bible. Yet, we are told God was with Joseph! Literally, every time something bad happened Joseph had this way of landing upright on his feet even when sold into slavery, thrown into jail, and while being forgotten! Through it all, God was with Joseph. What was it that made Joseph such a blessing to those he served? 

This recording is one of the longer ones. I imagine most won't even take the time to give it a thorough listen. Ain't nobody got time for that! But, the reality is that we all need to listen to and read Joseph's story more often. 

There are life principles we need to grasp with the first one being that we recognize that through it all GOD IS WITH US! HE ALONE IS THE ONE WHO BLESSES US! 

Greg asked me how my morning was going when he came home for lunch. I shared with him that I had to record this over and over, but through it all, I felt so blessed. Each time, I discovered a new thought and nuance to the story that weaved its way into my soul! I love the mornings when I get a chance to record. They are my personal soul food!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

John 3:16 In Different Languages

This is so beautiful! You can listen to John 3:16 in different languages.

When the Rooster Crows a New Day is Coming

This morning as I read about Peter's third denial of being a disciple, I was struck by the rooster's crow. I remembered that Jesus had warned Peter that he would deny Him three times and when he was done doing it a rooster would crow. But then I remembered these words.

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers" (Luke 22:31-32).

I then thought the whole reason a rooster crows is to let us know it is a new day. A rooster crows because he has an "internal clock that helps him anticipate sunrise ( The rooster anticipates the new day is awakening. Jesus could have used anything to remind Peter of his conversation, but He chose to use a rooster. 

Peter chose to run and deny what he knew as truth, but there is a new day coming when he would stand his ground and face his own demise at the hands of man. 

Peter may have forgotten who he was and who he served for a moment, but a new day was coming when he would proclaim boldly in the streets and synagogues. 

Peter may weep after the rooster crows, but soon he will rejoice when many nations receive the Holy Spirit. 

I love that Jesus gave Peter a rooster. An ordinary creature that daily crows even today on the Mount of Olives. A new day is coming. Get up and embrace the new day.

I do not know where you have been or what you have done, but I do know each of us need to hear the rooster crow. Go ahead and weep like Peter as you remember what you have done that you should not have done, but then get up and remember a new day has come!

Jesus intercedes for you! Though you may be sifted for a moment remember a new day is coming. Celebrate the rooster crowing as our reminder! Jesus has already come and He will come again!

Shalom y'all. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Heaven's Hospitality: How am I Giving Hospitality to my one?

The Sheep and the Goats (Matthew 25:31-46)

Have you ever wondered, "Who am I responsible to share hospitality to?" I know for me it feels overwhelming to think that there is a whole world out there and I could be considered responsible for them. 

But, I AM NOT! I cannot give hospitality to the whole world! It is impossible. I cannot be communal to all people, or generous and sacrificial to all people. I am not capable to reach all people everywhere to share the presence of God or HIS plan! 

I recently had someone contact me from far away and tell me that God told them I was to give them money. I took the time to pray and ask God, "Am I supposed to do give money to this person?" 

It really bothered me because this person is a total stranger and not someone that I would even know if they had not found me via social media. But, I did not want to ignore it if God wanted me to do it. I prayed. I did not feel led to do anything. Then I struggled how do I gracefully help this person to hear that I do not feel I am responsible for their need. The person kept asking. I almost felt harrassed. I finally said, "God has not confirmed for me that this is what I am supposed to do." 

My hospitality came through the form of gracious and kindness in the face of a demand. The person then said to me, "Then I will pray you will hear from God!" 

This really bothered me because I am studying the importance of hospitality and I am seeking to honor God in what I do, how I give, and how I serve. And, I did not feel that the person was honoring me with hospitality the way they were demanding of me. I really struggling over the many requests that come in from strangers. 

We are called to be kind to all, but where do we draw the line? How do I know who to give my hospitality to? One truth that we discovered in this study is that in the Biblical middleeast hospitality is something that we do for a stranger not a family member. When we are kind to a family member this is considered to be steadfast love. I found myself asking, Does this make every stranger my stranger to serve? On some levels, yes! 

Kindness is easily given and will never be regretted. But, there is a difference from being welcoming, kind, caring, and loving to giving generously and sacrificially. 

As I reflect on Jesus' life and the way He walked around and served, I realized that He did not take care of all the people that bumped into Him, yet when the bleeding woman reached out to touch Him healing went out from Him. There were also times that Jesus allowed disciples to walk away simply because the message He taught was too hard for them to follow. This made me realize that if Jesus did not offer His gifts to all then I, too, should be wise in who and how I give and serve. This is when we must trust the Holy Spirit to work out in us. 

In the last year, I had another person contact me and ask me if I would train his wife. I was intrigued so I did my research and prayed. I felt led to move forward. This has proven to be one of the most blessed times for both of our families. We all know and feel the blessing of God at work in us. This person that was a stranger has become like family to our family. Greg and I know joy overflowing when we talk of them and in preparation to get together. 

I discovered that by freely giving our gifts of hospitality to this person both of our families gave honor to God. It wasn't about our gifts, but our mutual love for the LORD and His movement in us. Blessings overflowed. It was not a chore, but a delight to sacrifice together. 

I honestly do not know why God put on my heart to say "no" to one and a "yes" to another, but I recognize that we all have our limits in what we can do. I almost wonder if God made me say, "no" to the first person because that situation would take the glory away from God and not give it to Him. 

In today's Bible story, it opens with the Son of Man sitting on His glorious throne and gathering the nations to Him along with His angels. Glory is very prominent because the story is all about honoring Him. 

What if we asked ourselves, "How can I give Him the glory due His name in this situation?" and allowed that to determine if we are to say, "yes" or "no" and give our hospitality! 

In this, I am talking about more than neighborly kindness. I am talking about the communal, generous, sacrifice that will lead to joining Jesus as He serves amongst us in cognito!     

I am accountable to my one through The ONE! The very person in front of me should receive all of the fruits of the spirit that reside in me through Jesus! 

The last Bible story for Heaven's Hospitality releases us from the pressure of the whole world, but it holds us accountable to the least of these in our area of influence. 

I had to learn to recognize that my spirit of welcome is for all, but my time, talent, and treasures should be given out as the LORD leads in hopes that I bless Him unawares! 

Go check it out in Matthew 25:31-46. It will be very comforting, but get yourself ready because it will also be convicting. 

Who is your one?

Thursday, September 2, 2021

How do I know I am not missing the one truth God wants me to know?

Sometimes we can be doing all the right things and miss the one truth that is the most important. Other times we can be in the right truth and not necessarily doing all the right things! 

How do we know when we are missing something that will make a huge difference in our lives and those around us? 

In today's Heaven's Hospitality story we will discover what two different men had to know in order for them to move forward in heaven's hospitality. What did God do to help each man gain the knowledge he needed? How did God speak to Cornelius? How did God speak to Peter? 

The one thing that really stood out to me was the fact that both men were doing life as they normally would do it and it was in their routine that God showed up and gave them a vision.
God made a way for each man to know what he needed to know so that he could serve Him better. If we trust God to reveal to us His plan in our lives he will meet us in our ordinary routine as we seek to draw near to Him and live out our lives. He loves to make ordinary moments into extraordinary. This is one of His many gifts He loves to pour upon us. 

We will also discover that heaven's hospitality is offered to all people everywhere, but not everyone knows that it has been offered to them.Do you see that with God there are no favorites! He loves all people everywhere! Every nation! Every tribe! Every tongue! There is none that are greater than any other. We all have blood and we all have skin. We may look different and have different customs, but the reality is we are all created in His image and He welcomes all! 

Which one do you more identify with Cornelius or Peter? Or do you not identify with either and feel like you are in the crowd? Would you consider asking God to reveal Himself to you and show you that He also welcomes you? 

 Shalom y'all!