Thursday, September 2, 2021

How do I know I am not missing the one truth God wants me to know?

Sometimes we can be doing all the right things and miss the one truth that is the most important. Other times we can be in the right truth and not necessarily doing all the right things! 

How do we know when we are missing something that will make a huge difference in our lives and those around us? 

In today's Heaven's Hospitality story we will discover what two different men had to know in order for them to move forward in heaven's hospitality. What did God do to help each man gain the knowledge he needed? How did God speak to Cornelius? How did God speak to Peter? 

The one thing that really stood out to me was the fact that both men were doing life as they normally would do it and it was in their routine that God showed up and gave them a vision.
God made a way for each man to know what he needed to know so that he could serve Him better. If we trust God to reveal to us His plan in our lives he will meet us in our ordinary routine as we seek to draw near to Him and live out our lives. He loves to make ordinary moments into extraordinary. This is one of His many gifts He loves to pour upon us. 

We will also discover that heaven's hospitality is offered to all people everywhere, but not everyone knows that it has been offered to them.Do you see that with God there are no favorites! He loves all people everywhere! Every nation! Every tribe! Every tongue! There is none that are greater than any other. We all have blood and we all have skin. We may look different and have different customs, but the reality is we are all created in His image and He welcomes all! 

Which one do you more identify with Cornelius or Peter? Or do you not identify with either and feel like you are in the crowd? Would you consider asking God to reveal Himself to you and show you that He also welcomes you? 

 Shalom y'all!

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  1. Love this Bible, it confirms beyond any doubt Gentiles are accepted by God. Yes we have some traditional differences but Gid is looking at the heart.