Sunday, May 1, 2022

Put Others First

To get ahead, Put others first" John C. Maxwell, Leadership Bible.

I started praying through 1&2 Samuel today and finished 1&2 King's. 

Servanthood and kindness go a long way. As I read through these chapters, I noticed how the kings (leaders) that honored God by honoring others were the ones that developed loyalty. I don't think King David was saying to himself, "Be kind and serve so they will be loyal to you."  He was just being himself... kind and serving. 

But, as I read about this type of leadership I realize I am not always serving others and I am not always kind. I am very aware of my short comings. Sometimes, my tone can ruin a month's worth of kindness and service. Who wants to be loyal to a self-serving person? Ugh. Do you ever struggle with your tone like I do? 

The other night I just let Greg have it. I was tired, frustrated, and well honestly self-driven so my tone unleashed.  As it was unleashing, I realized how awful I sounded and how he really was being kind in his response. I had to repent instantly. I did. He accepted and we moved on. Praise God. But I could not help but ponder my behavior.

We cannot allow these moments to be our norm. I am definitely a work in progress. So I pray and ask God to forgive me and to do a work in me. It is so much harder to do than when I release the uglies in me. It takes more strength and restraint. 

So, I pray.

Father, please help me to be kind and serve. Help me to be others-serving and not self-seeking. Help me to recognize life isn't fair. I will need to be the one who is kind when others aren't.  I will need to be the servant when others aren't.  Help me to do this because it honors others and You. Help me to do this even when life isn't fair. Help me to be loyal in my tone, words, and service not because I seek gain but because it brings blessings and honor. Help me to find ways to help others win. In Jesus name, amen