Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Why I want to be like Ruth

A recently widowed young foreign woman changes the trajectory of both her mother-in-law and herself by being present and doing what it takes to honor the God of her deceased husband and mother-in-law.

That is my short description of Ruth's story.

No wonder Ruth is a favorite book of the Bible for women worldwide. 

Not only was Ruth living in dark times when people chose to do whatever they wanted, but she came from a people group known for harming and not helping a foreigner.  

When Ruth said to her bitter mother-in-law, Naomi, "Where you go, I will go. Your people will be my people. Your God will be my God...," one can't help but wonder if she was looking around her to see how messed up her people lived. 

When people live their lives based on what they see is best for self without considering those around them the community will always hurt. 

I imagine that Ruth's determined statement was born from the fact that Ruth knew the reality of this truth. The one person that showed her the One True God was leaving. She had observed that the One True God gives blessing through calling His people to holy living. Ruth knew she could not stay. It did not matter that Naomi was bitter. For even in Naomi's bitterness she was taking into consideration what would happen to her daughter-in-laws.  Her bitterness was better than with those that did what was right in their own eyes. 

You can't help, but respect such courage and determination. Ruth as the younger widow in that moment declared by her decision to go that she would be a present help to her mother-in-law.  It would have been the expectation that the younger person would care for the elder and since they were widows this would be taking on the man's responsibilities as provider. That is alot of responsibility.

Ruth didnt wait for life to happen. She was a strategic thinker that planned ahead by asking her mother-in-law permission if she could go get food by gleaning in the fields. She was willing to do back breaking barley and wheat gathering from what fell off as the harvesters worked. This meant she would be stooped over picking tiny grains off the ground. My back is hurting just thinking about it.

She wasted no time. As soon as they arrived in Bethlehem, she found a field and asked permission to glean and then she went to work. We are told she only took a short rest. No one could call Ruth lazy. This girl had a "get the job done" work ethic. 

When Boaz approached her and spoke kindly to her, she bowed in humbleness and admitted that she was a foreigner and a servant below his own servants. 

She recognized his favor and showed gratitude. When Boaz invited her to join his harvesters, drink his water, and eat with him, she joined in and partook until she was satisfied. But what is more amazing is she saved back some for her mother-in-law.  Her being satisfied did not stop her from thinking of others. She remained faithful and consistent in her character of serving. It wasn't a show. It was a reality of her core character. 

When Ruth returned home that night, she told her mother-in-law everything that happened that day after showing the bounty of what she gleaned. Even though she was now the provider and had a full stomach, she did not get prideful. She remained a servant acting as a covering over Naomi obediently working the harvest season until the very end. She lived out what her words said on the road between Moab and Bethlehem.

Ruth was a woman of holy excellence. No wonder women love her story. In her own right, she modeled Christlikeness in her willingness to serve and not be served. Just as Christ provides a covering over us as our suffering servant, Ruth lived out a covering over Naomi so that she found refuge. God used Ruth to be an instrument in delivering Naomi from her bitterness to position of praise and hope. Everyone needs a family member like like that in their lives.

How might God be challenging you in your life? Yes, you can be a guy and be challenged by these character traits because character at the core is not a male or female thing. Character at the core is either holy or unholy and that is not male or female. It is either right or wrong. 

I have learned that character and consistency will reveal a person's core character. You cannot hide what is inside you. It is observable. 

What character qualities are revealed by your life? If we could hear of your story, what might be told?  Would it be described as one who did what was right in their own eyes? Or would it be described as as someone who served others and considered them better than themselves as they served?

Ruth humbles me because I know I am a work in progress. She was too. I catch myself asking, "Am I acting as a love covering for _____ or am I just covering me?"

I admit that it is easier to do for some than others. 

The reality is those around us will see and we will discover that blessings will come. In serving others, we will be satisfied and able to serve them more even if it is a bitter mother-in-law or you fill in the blank ______. 

Shalom y'all.

Why I want to be like Boaz

Do you have someone in your life that just because of their very presence you are blessed? Who is that person and why?

Women the world over love the book of Ruth because of how she models the beauty of a sacrificial servant. But, more than the model of Ruth, women love all that Boaz embodies. 

I recently had a lady call out in a Bible study with my team in Uganda, "I want a Boaz!" We all laughed. Some things are worth shouting out about.

So, why is Boaz such a big deal? Well, what I noticed just in Ruth 2 blew my mind.

Boaz was a man of valor who acted knightly. He blessed his workers and the cool part was his workers blessed him back. Boaz noticed people because he was observant and asked good questions. He used that knowledge to validate people by showing he placed value in them. As a leader he protected, provided, guided and nourished the one that could not give back with an abundant of blessings. He did this in such a way the one was satisfied and then able to bless another. He was generous and safe because he willingly provided refuge and redemption.

Wozer! What a man!  

God used Boaz to move the bitter Naomi into recognizing the blessing and favor of God. 

Boaz stood out because his story happened during a time when everyone did what they wanted without consideration of others.

Boaz is a Christ like model for all to see and yes imitate. His life pointed to Jesus and what He embodied. His life makes us long for more of this type of life.

His character traits are beautiful to observe but beloved they are even better when lived out. 

Okay, I am not a guy, but the embodiment of these character traits are Christlike. Even as a woman, I can pray, let me be a woman of valor that acts graciously so that I observe and notice others to find ways to value and validate them. I can be generous, safe, and kind while seeking ways to bless so that others are satisfied and then able to bless others, too. 

Imagine our homes if we acted in such ways. Imagine our cities and nations. Things would be different.

Father, You are our Great Refuge and Redeemer. You are our safe place and the one who nourishes our souls so we can nourish others. Thank you for providing our shelter under Your wings. Father, we recognize that we cannot live out such valor apart from You. Please come and fill us up so we can live so righteously that Boaz' valor is seen and known in us. We ask this for Your glory. Not our own. We ask so that others may know Your blessing, and satisfaction so that they willingly go and bless others with what they have received.  We ask in Jesus' name, amen.

Before you think I am a posting just about a guy. Soon, I will post how Ruth points to Jesus, too.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

When Satan Accuses, Jesus Rebukes and Reminds!

I don’t know how many times I told the student leaders that they must make sure they seek to observe the patterns and repetitions they see in Scripture. If there is a pattern or repetition it is worthy of us noting and reflecting on. As I arose the next morning, I vaguely remember thinking, “God, I feel I need a boost in my study today.” And as always, for HE is faithful, God caught my attention but this time, it was through the repetition of three things made of wood, so my words echoed in my ears as I obeyed what I said to the youth leaders and examined what I noticed. 

I am in the middle of reading Zechariah. Heavy stuff and not easy to always understand, but it was very clear that the leader of God, Joshua, was being accused. Keep in mind this is not Joshua who lead Israel into the promised land. He was long gone! This Joshua was a priest for the nation of Israel. He was standing before the LORD with Satan standing on his right accusing him before the LORD! UGH! Just one more example that Satan really lives up to his reputation of being the accuser of the followers of Jesus (Revelation 12:10). 

But what caught me was how quickly Jesus rebuked Satan. Immediately the LORD said, “The LORD rebuke you, O Satan! The LORD who has chosen Jerusalem rebukes you! Is not this firebrand plucked from the fire?” 

As the priest, Joshua would have been the one that would go before the Holy of Holies on behalf of the nation to seek their forgiveness. He would have been carrying with him in his prayers the sins of the nation, but also his own. It would have felt like he was dressed in rags and inappropriate to approach the LORD. But with God, this is not so! Even still Satan points out the filthy rags while the LORD proclaims that He has removed the person, Joshua, and the nation from the fire. He chose them! He pulled them out of the fire and clothed them in His righteous garments. 

I once read that Spurgeon said, “When Satan accuses, Christ pleads!” 

It humbled me when I realized that the LORD not only rebuked Satan, and clothed the priest and nation, but He also reminded him if you walk in obedience and follow my ways, I will give you righteous standing before those around you and give you charge of my courts. I will bring you, my servant, the Branch that will remove the iniquity of the people and you will invite your neighbors to come and sit under His vine and His fig tree. What a great reminder when facing accusations! But did you notice the other two references to wood? The Branch, His vine, and His fig tree. Okay, well there are three other references, but the vine and the tree symbolize the same thing—a healthy tree that gives life, nourishment, fruit, shelter, and protection.

So, What is a firebrand? Honestly, I had to look it up. I did not know what it meant. I discovered that a firebrand is a stick or log that has been cut off and placed in a fire. It is charred and black from the heat of the fire. It has been so removed from the tree that it is thrown away to burn up. It cannot bear fruit or provide a safe shelter. But God pulls the firebrand out of the fire and brings it to the Branch and then places it in the shade of His vine and fig tree. It doesn’t say it specifically, but when two branches or trees are bound together, they are grafted and will become one. I imagined that the firebrand was placed next to the Branch and bound to it. The point is the firebrand has been rescued and it is no longer living based on its wood, but on the strength and life given through the Branch. 

A firebrand cannot bear fruit, but the Branch can. A branch starts out tiny with a small little bud that eventually grows into a strong branch that will bear good fruit and provide shelter. A branch that is connected to a vine or tree will provide protection, nourishment, shelter, and even a home to many creatures. The LORD brought the Branch to him. Symbolically, in case you did not know Jesus is the Branch (Isaiah 4:2).

The LORD was promising Joshua that He had already provided a way for him to be grafted to His Son or the Tree of Life. All it took was for him to walk in obedience, follow His ways, and wear His garments of righteousness. Notice, it was not what Joshua provided, but what the LORD provided. The LORD provides the connection needed so that Joshua could do what he was called to do and in time he would bring others along to rest under the Branch’s shelter. Joshua’s role as the firebrand was to bring others along and show them the Branch and where to sit under His vine and His fig tree. 

Sometimes, as a leader, I feel like the accuser is incessant in his attacks. I know what it is like to stand before God and feel like the accuser is on my right condemning me and those around me. But GOD! When I remind myself in prayer and sometimes verbally aloud what I know about God and what He has said about me, I am better able to hear His voice over the accuser. I remember that He has already clothed me in His pure garments and the Angel of the LORD stands by me!

After meditating for several days on this passage, I have decided that when I hear accusations from the Accuser, I am going to say to myself, “I am a firebrand that has been plucked from the fire!” Praise the LORD! What a beautiful image. I will then remind myself that He has already clothed me in His righteous garments. I only need to move forward in obedience and walk in His ways. I can trust that He will bring me before the people He desires and allow me the privilege of helping them draw near to Him! Amen!

What do you do when you feel the Accuser hounding you? What from this might you need to remember? One thing is for sure, if you have believed in Jesus, you are a firebrand that has already been pulled out of the fire and dressed in righteousness. Remind yourself and your accuser of this truth today!

Shalom y’all.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Show Me Your Glory

It was my turn to drive so I got to choose what we listen to on the radio. I opened my YouTube and there was a Timothy Keller sermon about dealing with your anger. I knew immediately I needed to listen to it because recently I recognized that I am dealing with anger raging inside me. I struggled with knowing why this was there. It would hit me unexpectedly and I could feel it boiling inside me. I felt like I did not know me. I absolutely hated the moments when I felt it “eep” out of me. I would never allow it to unleash, but dealing with it was frustrating me. I was praying, repenting, and seeking God. I even asked a doctor, “Is this what menopause is like?” But, one day in my quiet time the LORD revealed it to me. I am grieving and one of the first stages of grief is anger. Ever since we moved my mom, Poddy, and Aunt Janie in I have felt the grief of knowing that I moved them here to help them die. It feels morbid even typing that, but I have talked with my mom about it, and she agreed it makes sense. So, I started giving myself permission a while back to feel my grief so it could be released and not pent up in me. 

As the road hummed along and my Greg slept, Timothy Keller said something that caught my attention profoundly. When Moses asked God to show him His glory, God revealed the truth that He was slow to anger. I thought, “Wait! What?” I could not stop thinking about this revelation because the word I am praying this year for me to be known for is glory. I am asking God to show me His glory so I can give His glory away like Jesus did. I had to go and study Moses’s conversation with God. It is found in Exodus 33 and 34.

When Moses asked God to show him His glory, God told Moses that he could not see it fully or he would die, but God would allow His presence to go before Moses and as He did, He would declare His name to Moses. He told Moses to go to a certain place to meet Him at the cleft of a rock and while God passed by showing His glory, God would cover Moses with His hand as He passed by. God would allow Moses then to see His back. I realized that Moses had a responsibility in seeing the glory of God. He had to go and present himself to God and seek Him.

As God passed before Moses the LORD declared, “I am the LORD, the LORD!” This repetition was to remind Moses that God is unchanging. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It occurred to me that if we are to understand God, we must know His character. His character reveals His glory. So, what were the character traits that God felt the need to proclaim to Moses in this moment of glory revelation? Not only is God unchanging, but He is merciful—full of compassion. He is gracious—the One who gives us undeserving grace. 

The one that hit me the hardest was He is slow to anger! Yes! God wanted Moses to remember that He is slow to anger! I love that this is listed before God tells Moses that He is abounding in steadfast love—loyal and kind and faithful. As if these are not enough God then points out to Moses that He keeps His steadfast love for thousands by forgiving both iniquities (sin) and transgressions while still holding accountable the guilty or the ones that refuse righteousness—He keeps justice. I love that God made a point to point out the different types of sins that need forgiving. I recognize that He understands that each of us will battle with our own guilt and shame over these. God then pointed out to Moses that one of His names is The Jealous One. God is jealous for us. He is jealous to be in a relationship with us and does not want us to have any idols before Him. 

So, what does God’s glory look like?
 Unchanging, merciful, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love, faithful, forgiving, just, and jealous. 

How did Moses respond? Moses immediately bowed and worshipped the LORD! He then asked God for His favor and forgiveness, but what caught me was Moses asked that he and his family be the inheritance of the LORD! He didn’t ask for an inheritance. He asked that he would be an inheritance! What is the point in knowing the glory of the LORD except to give it away? I was reminded of John 17 and how Jesus prayed, “You gave me Your glory and I have given Your glory away that they may know You!” The LORD revealed His character to Moses because it was what would enable Him to know Him. Granted we cannot know God fully now. We see dimly, but He will answer our cries and enable us to know Him. I am astounded that in this we have the privilege of ministering to God. It isn’t just about us taking from God, but about us ministering to Him, too. 

In this season, I needed to see if there are any other verses about being slow to anger and boy was, I surprised! I discovered that there is a Proverb that reminds us that it “makes good sense for one to be slow to anger because it is to his glory to overlook an offense” (Proverbs 19:11). Notice that when I am slow to anger it is to my glory. Why? It reveals that the fruit of the Spirit of the LORD are at work in me. It reveals that I am able to control myself and be merciful full of compassion and gracious giving undeserved grace. This reveals that I have God at work in me and thereby shows off His glory in me. 

Yes! LORD, yes! Show me YOUR glory! And please allow the character traits that You revealed to Moses to be made known in me so that others may know Your glory through me. 

I don’t know which character trait you needed to hear about in order to catch a glimpse of God’s glory, but I imagine that one of them hits you profoundly if you are truly seeking to see His glory. Take a moment to be like Moses and present yourself before the LORD and invite Him to show you His glory but be ready that He will invite you to act on it. For me, it is begging Him to help me not sin in my season of anger as I grieve. 

I know that my mom is here now, and I am enjoying her fully, but it is so hard to let go and know I must say goodbye for a season at some point. My mom is one of my best friends along with my Greg. I want to bless her now be her inheritance for His glory. So, if you feel a little “eep” from me these days would you be so kind to show me His glory in you to help me along my way? 

Shalom y’all.

God Awoke Me with this Image

Since my Africa trip, I have dealt with an onslaught of anxiety. It seemed like it every situation of my life I was questioning myself, whether I was good enough, valued, appreciated, etc. No matter how much I prayed and repented, I would daily have to fight the mental battle again. Please know it was never about my confidence in God or His ability to answer. It was about my inability to get it right. I knew in the moment it was irritational and unfounded which compounded it more because I couldn't make the thoughts stop.

I can't tell you how many times I would tell myself, "This is not a part of your song!"

I finally realized that I was dealing with spiritual warfare and started praying against principalities instead about myself.

I cannot say that I was particularly holy or even in a worthy frame of mind when God gave me the image. It had been a very hard week and a half with my mom in the hospital in the critical care unit. She was finally okay so we were able to go on our trip for Grant's graduation. I was exhausted so Greg kept encouraging me to use the two day drive to sleep, so I did.

As I was waking up, I saw the image of a small clay pot with a wreath around it that was thick and full. I knew it was my drawing even though I had never drawn it. I also knew immediately that the clay pot was me telling God's stories. After Grace closed, God used the Widow's Oil story to reveal to me that I was the widow without her prophet. In my case, the prophet was Grace dying. I heard in my heart that I was to use my jar of oil-- Bible storytelling and not stop pouring until I had no more people to tell them to. So, the jar is my storytelling and that is how I anoint people. I pour out His stories into them. 

I then knew instantly as well that the wreath was my blessing and that it is bearing good fruit. It was a healthy wreath and a full wreath. It looks like a Christmas wreath but with the leaves of a victors crown. 

I woke up with awe and immediately told Greg because I did not want to lose the image or the thoughts carried with it. Joy and peace welled up in me as I realized God spoke to me in a way that I minister to others through stick figures as I tell Bible stories. 

It took a few days before I could draw it. I rarely draw what I see in my mind as I think it should be, but God even blessed me with the ability to draw what I saw. Astounding!

On our drive and as the days followed, I have been drawing and painting it in my mind over and over meditating on its message to me. I do not want to forget the reminder and as I walked into a tough situation a day after God awoke me with the image, God used the image to remind me of the promise He gave me. He very sweetly whispered in my heart, "This is your inheritance." Telling His Bible stories will bear good fruit and my inheritance is the ones that go in tell in turn. This is the kind of inheritance that cannot be taken. It can only keep on growing. 

I love it when God gives me something very clearly spoken that I can cling to as I face life. I am savoring His goodness.

Shalom y'all! 

Friday, May 12, 2023

Healthy Give and Take

A pastor friend in Africa sent this to me. There was no explanation just what you see. I think it must have blessed him so he shared it with me. I do not know if it is because he sees this behavior in me or doesn't. But, I had to respond with the otherside of the give and take. Please read through what was sent and then my response. Give and take requires both. We cannot expect our spouse to be the only one giving and us being the one taking.

From Pastor friend:
Got this somewhere:

1. When a woman is humble, she becomes a natural charm to her husband

2. When a woman is submissive, she gets what she desires from her husband

3. When a woman is trustworthy, she can control her husband's finances

4. When a woman is hospitable, she can host her husband's meeting

5. When a woman is friendly, she becomes her husband's best friend

6. When a woman is jovial and playful, she can unlock her husband's sad mood

7. When a woman is appreciative, she receives unexpected gifts from her husband

8. When a woman is respectful, she can attend her husband's cultural meetings with him

9. When a woman is understandable, her husband feels free to tell her even the ugly

10. When a woman is peaceful, her husband comes rushing home each time

11. When a woman is tender hearted, she makes a great mother for her kids

12. When a woman is slow tempered, she knows when to approach her husband in times of misunderstandings and arguments

13. When a woman is not vulnerable, she is loved by her husband

14. When a woman does not keep secrets from her husband, her husband tells her all of his every moves

15. When a woman is prayerful, she becomes a powerful support system selfless, her husband relies completely on her

16. When a woman is creative, she and the husband can figure out the future together

Unfortunately when you are not any of these, it becomes so hard for you to enjoy marriage. Seek God's help to become any of the above, you can't do it on your own. Greetings to all submissive women.


This is my response...

There is a flip side to this... this is all about the woman's side. It should also say...

1. When a man is humble, he is respected.

2. When a man is submissive to God a woman will follow him.

3. When a husband is trustworthy, a woman doesn't feel the need to control his finances.

4. When a husband is hospitable and has the spirit of welcome a wife delights in hosting for husband.

5. When a husband is friendly he will discover loyal love from his wife.

6. When a husband is jovial and friendly he will discover the playful side of his wife.

7. When a husband is generous without expectations, he will find his wife celebrating him publicly.

8. When a husband is respectful, he find his wife cheering him on in public meetings.

9. When a husband takes time to understand his wife, he will discover she will unlock her secrets for him.

10. When a husband is a peace maker, he will discover his wife and family surround him when he returns.

11. When a husband becomes tender hearted, he will raise up children filled with peace and kindness. He will find his wife seeking him more.

12. When a husband is slow tempered, his wife will gladly reason with him.

13. When a husband is vulnerable with his wife, she will care for his heart.

14. When a husband does not keep secrets, his wife will trust him.

15. When a husband is prayerful, God hears his prayers, and this changes a family.

16. When a husband is creative, it unlocks creativity in the family. When a husband allows his wife to be creative, he unlocks out of the box thinkers and kingdom builders.


Husband's and wives are to submit to God, submit to each other, pick up their cross daily, deny self, and follow Jesus.

When we do this, it is not easy, but blessings will be born in us. Our character grows, and when we are willing to choose to be the one that matures, we no longer need to force our spouse to mature. We will pray for it and long for it, but trust God to be the one to do it.

I read what the pastor sent to me to Greg and he agreed it was only focused on the wife. So, I read to him what I wrote and he agreed it is true. We know both sides of the give and take. We both have failed miserably and we both have done it right beautifully.  The good news is that getting it right covers a multitude of mess ups.

Shalom y'all. 

Friday, May 5, 2023

Each Tribe will Camp by It's own Standard

"Each family will camp by its own standard..."  I read this verse and wondered, what does that mean? I immediately thought of how we want to set our own standards and do things our own way. Oh boy, can we be so self centered. So, I began searching to find out the original meaning. 

A standard was a visible sign or banner much like a flag pole that could be raised high so all could see. 
There were three types of banners raised.
1. The great tribal banners.
2. The subdivided portions within a tribe banner.
3. The family house banner. 

It was observable.
It helped with organization.
It was strategic. 
It was positional.
It was a military communication strategy.
It was reverential.
It was spacial.
It was territorial.
It was recognizable.
It was tribal.
It was an identifier. 
It was a communal solidifer and at times divider.
It was a reminder.
No one knows what was actually on these banners. There is debate on whether it was a color, an animal, or symbol. 

If you lived under the banner all knew where you lived positional to the tabernacle where the presence of God resided. If your banner was down all knew you were either defeated by an enemy or you needed help. 

I remembered when the kids were little and on occasions when they would get out of the car, I would say things like, "Don't forget you are a Rye!" Or "don't forget you are a Christian!"

I would say those types of things because I was raising a verbal standard/banner over them as a reminder of who they are, who they belong to, and how we behave because this is our identity.

It seems that there are all kinds of "standards" being raised today. 

The "standards" revealed how close each tribe was to the presence of God in the tabernacle. This was a positional thing. But it was also a spiritual and communal thing as well. It revealed to the community that they were a part of the family of God. It revealed to outsiders that they belonged to the family of God. The standard identified them as a people that chose to worship YHWA. 
As a follower of Jesus, we now carry the presence of God within us. We no longer have the tabernacle as the place that holds the presence of God. Our standard (banners) look different. We no longer raise a flag. We might have Scripture verses hanging in our home or wear a cross, but I would like to propose that standards are our life choices. These become our banners to identify us as being close to God. 

Please hear me out, I am not talking about good works. I am talking about living out Christ like character, the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of life, the respect for all people, loving your enemy, etc. And then living these out in humility and with a serving spirit. 

I find myself asking, What is the standard you are raising? Can others identify immediately your proximity to the LORD based on your standard? 

Something worth praying about. Don't ya think?  I know I am!

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

The Gift of Consistency

The crazy gift of consistency. 

In order to jump start the mornings of my cuties, I started playing two morning songs (A Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace and The Wake Up Song by Mandisa). 

I would play loud enough to not get growled at and then begin dancing around as feet begin to wiggle and smiles begin to form. All of us could feel the morning worship wake us up and fill our souls. It blessed us!  But I had no idea how much this song would fill me up and help me to focus on a beautiful day. I am finding God is using what I am doing to love well to love deeply in me. Crazy fun God.

So when I was at the hospital with mom, Papa asked Greg, "Are you going to play music and dance for me?" Lol! Greg stuck to giving his morning joke.

Mom and I played the songs each morning, too. She told me, "I really like that song, 'It's a beautiful day'!"  The funny thing is she said it to me as I was telling God how much it meant to me that I wake me up singing it. I was in awe of how He was ministering back to me the way I was choosing to minister.

"It's a beautiful day. I am gonna get my worship on! A beautiful day!"

Oh, I did go home and get Papa out of bed with the songs! 

A beautiful day! 

Listen and receive. Get up and get your worship on! It's a beautiful day!