Thursday, July 8, 2021

Do you welcome the movement of God?

"God goes where he is wanted" (Philip Yancey). Powerful thought. 

Do you want the presence of God? This morning after teaching on Rahab in Joshua 2, I found myself praying, "LORD help me to see your movement and let me join you!" 

I love that a Canannite prostitute saw the movement of God in the nation of Israel and when spies showed up at her door unannounced, she knew she needed to find a way into the presence of God and the plan of God. 

Rahab did not wait for someone to give her an invitation to join God's movement. She invited herself.

Rahab pretty much begged for kindness and deliverance.  Her faith not only earned her physical deliverance, but gave her spiritual deliverance. 

Unknown to her this one bold move put her in the lineage of being a grandparent of the Messiah... Jesus! 

LORD, help us to see Your movement around us. And let us boldly join You and Your servants.

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