Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Widow's Mite

A reminder from July 15, 2019 at the Open Door Mission.

Today we looked at the widow's offering. We have been asking, How does Jesus value women? The conversations were so good. Look at the truths the women brought out of the story about Jesus and the widow. Again, we discovered how Jesus used people as visual aids. This time it was rich people and a widow. 

This narrative comes on the heals of Jesus just saying, "Watch out for the religious leaders that flaunt around in their fancy robes, praying loudly, seeking the best seats in the synagogue and market place while devouring widow's houses."  

Most theologians imply that the rich people who gave out of their abundance may have been giving from their profit they made off of the widow who gave of her two mites. 

One of the ladies at the mission said, "This is true for us today. How might we be overlooking someone that we legally or administratively had every right to do what we did to them, but in the process we destroyed them and forgot to see them?" 

Wozer! Thank God that Jesus reminds us to be observant and see people. Who might we be needing to see today? 

We discovered that the widow's value came in her sacrifice. It wasn't in the two mites she gave that was valuable, but what she had left. Nothing! 

This is a hard word. How do we know when our giving of time, talent, and treasure is a sacrifice? 

One thing for sure is she did not know the value. She was unconscious of how Jesus valued her offering. While the rich people were looking for recognition for their giving. If this does not convict you, I would suggest you pray. I know I need to humble myself and pray!

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