Monday, December 21, 2020

Tidings of Great Joy

For my morning worship yesterday I drew this little bird declaring his praise song. I felt he needed the phrase, "Fear not for I bring you tidings of great joy." I basked in his declaration as I drew in worship. I realize to some that may sound odd. Yet, I know the reality that joy inspires creativity and yes at times joy can seem quite unreasonable. It may not make sense to the one observing and not yet grasping. Even when one cannot understand, we cannot hide joy because joy overflows and spills forth. 

This morning as I read about Mary's magnificant and Zechariah's praise song, it occurred to me that both spontaneously burst into praise about the goodness of God because they believed that God would do what He said He would do. When the angels declared that a child was born that would be a Savior to all men to the shepherds, they ran to go see. Once they saw the baby as the angels declared, they ran to tell everyone what they had seen and heard. See joy pours out from the depth of our well being because when we know the goodness of the LORD is certain, it unlocks a sense of purpose and unleashes the power of praise. We live knowing that the joy of the LORD is our strength because our joy is set upon the One who gives us hope, healing, and an eternal home. 
To give great tidings of joy is to declare the goodness of God. To whom might you declare His praise and know the joy of the LORD is our strength? Maybe, today you might practice declaring what you know about God and discover joy! 

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