Saturday, December 26, 2020

Reflections of 2020 blessings

On Christmas day I asked my family to share what they learned about God this year and what they had given back to God as a gift. As we listened to each others stories, I sat in awe at God's goodness as each shared their struggles, sufferings, and joys. Our year has left much to reflect upon. We have lost family, friends, close physical fellowship, ministry opportunities, and jobs. Yet, we can all say we know the depth of beauty that comes through suffering overflows with the goodness of God. He has given us deeper friendships, more ministry opportunities and new jobs. This morning as I reflect upon all God did in and through our family, once again, I see how our individual lives make the collective richness of our family so complete and whole in Him. We have cried alot, laughed as muched, lamented, grieved, and repented as necessary. As individuals we came before God in community, childlikeness, surprise, depth, and worship. Through these we came to know God as faithful, trustworthy, deep, and present. We came into the year praying for theses character traits of God: refreshment, presence, creative perseverance, intimacy, and closeness with God. And we are leaving the year with them in a deeper and richer way. We found the favor of God in His presence and our ability to worship Him in spirit and in truth despite the bad and celebrating the good. Honestly, words are not sufficient enough to express the embodiment of Jesus we have known. I am feeling thankful, grateful, and blessed because our love for God and others has increased even more. 


  1. Its been a year of new challenges, each time I felt I was at the end of my rope God sent an angel (daughter, friend, stranger) who gave me what was needed. God always supplies our needs. Its been a year of God confirming His love.

  2. God has shown me new insights this year after years of studying His Word. With those new understanding I am able to be a better prayer warrior.

    1. We always need more prayer warriors! What a gift from GOD!

  3. God has you and He will carry you through the journey. He does love you very much!