Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Do you see what I see?

(Light of the world by Mark Missman)

This morning as I sit by my Christmas tree while my pup is curled up on my toes and I sip my cup of tea, I am blessed by a few thoughts as I read the Christmas story yet again.  I ask myself, What patterns do I see in people's behaviors? I love that when people heard about the baby Jesus they wanted to see Him. Curiosity motivated many to go and see. Who is this Christ child? Why is He born in Bethlehem? Why is He lying in a manger? Who gets a star and a host of angels for a birth announcement? I noticed that the people that had to go check things out included the poor shepherds, the rich wise men of the east, and the evil King Herod. Both the good and the bad. The shepherds were emotional and spontaneous! They wanted to go see Him out of curiousity. Curiousity turned to reverence and awe that poured out in celebration and proclamation. The wise men used science to draw them to the historical reference to a king prophesied in the stars. Their journey was logical and calculated with pre-planned extravagant gifts. King Herod's response was passionate and intense spawned in fear and jealousy that led to a manipulative plot to kill the Christ child whose kingdom was prophesied to never end. While the shepherds longed for deliverance and hope, the wise men wanted to see history and science unfold a great mystery. Sadly, King Herod wanted to silence the Breath of Life so he could reign without competition. Isn't it amazing that a little child could evoke such passion from so many! When we reflect on Christmas we must ask ourselves, Why do I run to see the Christ child? What is my motive and reason? Am I spontaneous, logical, or manipulative? Do I come ready to celebrate, proclaim, and give Him good gifts? Or do I manipulate and plot to stay on my personal throne? 

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