Sunday, December 13, 2020

Problems and Provisions

Have you ever noticed that there are those that see the problem and there are those that see the provision? I find myself shutting down or tuning out when someone starts to list the problems to a circumstance. I know that we need to look at all the issues and try to find the obstacles. I get it, but in my core, I do not resonate well when this happens. Call it a Pollyanna complex or positive outlook, but for me it is is core to my faith. When times get tough, I will begin the journey of finding out how faith will move the circumstance forward. 

This morning as I read John 6, I noticed something. Jesus was out healing and caring for the people so a large crowd gathered. He knew the people were hungry and had a need, but He wanted to teach the disciples something. Jesus asked the disciples, "Where will we buy bread so these people will eat?" There were two responses. Philip stated, "Two hundred denari would not be enough." That is equivalent to about eight months in wages. While another unnamed disciple said, "There is a boy who has two fish and five loaves of bread, but what are they for so many?" I realized that Philip saw the problem and the unnamed disciple saw a provision. Jesus didn't confront either but simply said, "Have the people sit down." Jesus then gave thanks and started to distribute the fish and loaves. When the people were full, Jesus asked the disciples to collect the leftovers. What caught me this morning was that both received the blessing of seeing Jesus provide miraculously. I really needed to hear this because I often find myself really annoyed with the one that only sees the problem. I just realized that both must have answered in faith. They were asked a question and both with their own reasoning skills answered as best they could. Their answers were not rebuked. Jesus simply showed them how He alone can make a way. Even when it is costly like eight months worth of wages or a small provision of two fish and five loaves. How we reason does not not matter. What matters is that we are in a conversation ready to receive and learn from Jesus by faith. I love that both got to see a miracle that day. And I recognize I need to be more patient with my problem solvers. Faith walking doesn't mean that we will only focus on provision. Faith walking also includes problem solving. God has used this passage to cause me to be more grace filled toward those that I might view as a naysayers. Today this will be my fishes and loaves. 

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