Monday, July 11, 2022

Raise up Leaders who Seek the LORD First

Look at this cool chart on the difference between Moses and Joshua. As I read through it I wondered if God is raising up our next generation of leaders to be like Joshua! 

As justice is sought in our nation and around the world the only way it will be won is if the leaders like Joshua stand up!

We need leaders that will fight the battle face to face. 

We need leaders that will confront laziness and fear of the enemy. 

We need tough leaders that will not put up with compromise in the WORD OF GOD on any topic! The message will always be the same. The methods must change. 

We need leaders that will tell people to get up and dig their own wells or in today's language get off your lazy toosh and take care of yourself and stop looking for hand outs. 

I think my struggle as a leader might be that I am a mix of Moses and Joshua. I think my flesh takes over and I act like Joshua in a sinful way by reacting and not seeking the LORD first. 

My heart also longs to be the peacemaker like Moses but I tend to be more of a peacekeeper. I think by just listening and not doing I can keep the peace. Ugh!  That never works. Peacemaking requires strength, resilience, and grit. There will always be a "do" in order to make peace! 

In both cases when I mess up, it is because I did not seek the LORD first. Ugh.

Father, rise up in me the necessary leadership skills to make Your will known and accomplished. Help me to release leaders around me to be like Joshua. Use them to tear down the walls that are barriers to Your will and plan. In Jesus name amen

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