Friday, July 8, 2022

Generational Leadership

I just had a thought as I read about Joshua. Joshua was a second generation leader that followed Moses. He knew how to follow and let Moses lead. 

Joshua was also a first generation military leader to those that fought the battle of Jericho. He knew how to take the lead and get the battle won. If you notice we are told he sought the LORD!

Joshua had leaders under him that were the third generation followers to Moses and second to him and so on it goes. He knew how to unleash them to get the job done.

Who are you the second generation leader to? Who are you the first generation leader to? Do you see generational growth happening to the second, third, and fourth generation? 

Ask questions and know who is being raised up. Write them down and pray for them by name.  

How are you seeking to honor and bless? Where do you need to invest and where do you need to release and unleash? Ask God to give you clear steps in what to do and say. This is the type of prayer God loves to answer because He loves to bless and honor even if it is in discipline.

I will confess it is always very hard for me when the LORD reveals a season of release. I love my people and I do not want to let go, but HE convicted me a long time ago that if I do not release those that follow me I will suffocate them and hurt their leadership growth. I have to remember my season of hunger to be unleashed so that I let them go and grow. This is when generational influence impacts the next generation positively.

Who do you need to follow? 
Who do you need to invest in?
Who might you need to release to go do their thing?

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