Sunday, July 31, 2022

Love Covering

I bought this print for my mom two years ago for Mother's day. It now sits on the mantle waiting for her to move into her love covering. 

As a woman there is a gift we bring to our families that no one else brings. We are the heart guardians. The older I get the more I understand why God took a rib from Adam as He fashioned and formed woman. There is strength, support, and a framing that a rib provides to the heart. 

Some might accuse and say, "Stop spiritualizing!" My answer to them, "Be silent!" If what I say causes a wife to love more and sacrifice once more or a mother to get up when she thought should could not get up or a daughter to lift up her family then it's worth speaking.

Women, we are called to provide the love covering to our families. This is a sacred role. That means it is HOLY! 

Our gifts are not relegated to a season, title, or position. They are in a person. Us! We are the gift. Right now. Right where you are! Exactly in what you are doing. Whether it is in the mundane or the profound by man's economy is not important. What is important in God's economy is what is happening in the heart gardens around you. How you cover your family so growth and blessing may take place is what matters. 

Love is a covering. It is a shelter in the storm. It is a word to lift up. It is a hand to hold. It is a shoulder to lean on. It is an ear to hear. It is a body that responds. It is. 

My lovelies when we provide the love covering it is when we are most like Jesus. 

My prayer is this covers you with the encouragement you need today. Beloved, you are loved with an everlasting love. He has covered us let us go and cover what He has given us. Amen

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