Saturday, August 14, 2021

What must we do to do the works of God?

Sometimes words just need to be mined in order for us to truly understand what is said. Today the word "works" jumped off the page and caused me to pause in John 6:28-29.  I thought of all the many discussions I have had with others about what it means to do God's work. It seems that the people of Capernuam struggled with knowing what to do, too.

Ergaz┼Źmetha is the Greek word for works.  It means to do. Here is a compilation of many resources that I have written into a description.

To do the works of God is to be committed to exert one's power to be actively engaged to receive God's Son. It is about looking for the opportunity to join God in what He has already accomplished in my behalf.

Just as when I eat a piece of bread my body will use the opportunity to exert its entire being to turn that piece of bread into life giving sustenance and then I am able to live and go about my day. My body commits to digest and use all of that piece of bread can offer.

Maybe this is why this conversation happened when Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life. When I taste and see that the Bread of Life is good. I will take the opportunity to commit to use all I am to join God in helping others to have the opportunity to partake in the Bread of Life.

I will eat His sustenance every day. I will trust the nourishment that He will bring about. I will recognize opportunities to give it to others. I will know what it means to be full, not just full, but satisfied.

Have you tasted and seen that the LORD is good? Are you willing to take the opportunity to commit to believing in the One God sent? Believing is as simple as eating a piece of bread. You just pick up the truth and you eat it. Then you commit to engaging and gaining all you can to join God as He provides opportunity.

Shalom! Shalom! 

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