Thursday, August 19, 2021

The Sinful Woman

As I shared the story of the sinful woman with a friend she said to me, "I love that HE saw her!" The best hospitality happens when we take the time to see the person!

Every culture has certain expectations for hospitality. Taking time to honor these lets the person know you see them!

Sometimes, we can think we are above the norm. In today's Heaven's Hospitality story, we discover that even religious leaders are not above the norm. They need to take time to see the person and serve the person.  

As you listen, do you see that Jesus kindly pointed out that Simon didn't even take time to see Him, the teacher, and offer him the basics of hospitality? 

If Simon wasn't willing to honor the Rabbi and show Him that he sees Him as a guest worthy of hospitality, what makes you think he would even see a known sinful woman? 

Hospitality sees! It doesn't look at the past. It looks at the person! And does what brings honor.

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