Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Heaven's Hospitality: John 3:1-21 Jesus and Nicodemus

Have you ever been in a very dark room when someone switched on the light? Did you blink or cover your eyes? Often our reaction can be extreme. It feels intense and we try to block the light. But, if we pause for just a few seconds our eyes will adjust and then we can see with greater clarity. 

This is also true spiritually. 

The story of Nicodemus has a contrast between light and darkness. Listen to today's Bible story and listen to how Nicodemus moved from darkness to light spiritually. 

It is key to understand that Nicodemus was a religious leader that was living in the darkness spiritually. As he moved closer to Jesus and knowing Him, he was moving closer to the light. When we first move from darkness to light it is hard for us to see, but as we remain in the light our eyes will begin to adjust. This is true with our spiritual understanding as well.

How might God be asking you to move from darkness to light? 

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