Friday, April 30, 2021

What makes a continuous open door to family?

I have not been able to stop asking GOD to make me a generous person because I have seen that God is so generous. I looked up the original Hebrew pictographs to see what it would have meant and again I love the beauty of a word. Generous would have meant that my life will be the continous entrance or door to family or in to the house of family. WOW! Ponder the beauty of that! When I open myself up to give freely of all I am or all I have it is like opening up myself to someone to come inside my family home not just inside, but be "in". No wonder generosity was so crucial in hospitality. No wonder why it is so crucial today.

Sometimes, I just don't want to be generous of attitude. Have you ever been there? Sometimes, I don't want to be giving. But, what I have found is that when I give all. You know know that spirit of welcome that just brings joy deep down so that even your toes want to bounce. I know the blessing of my home being full because generosity builds family. Not just the bloodline kind, but the I am safe and secure with you and know I am loved simply because I am me, kind.

What we have to recognize is that this isn't the entrance into just any family, but the family of God. God is generous toward us so that we can be generous toward others. He models the open door policy so that we too will have an open door.

So, I am praying. No, I am begging. Father, please make me, my Greg, my kids, my ministry partners, and my friends generous. Let us continously be the entrance to being in Your family, O God! In Jesus name amen.

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