Wednesday, April 21, 2021


NARION ONLINE CONNECTIOThe first time I signed up for an ION event I was struggling with how to be a better communicator with the Bible. My seminary training was amazing! I love it, but I found that I was communicating in a way that was not speaking to the heart language of my people. I was teaching the Bible to women in Omaha, in a homeless shelter, at speaking engagements, and at church. I discovered through struggle that when I used Bible stories my people caught what I taught on levels I never anticipated or thought to share. I had women come up to me and say, "For the first time, I actually understand what is being shared about the Bible. It is like you were able to read my heart!" We all know that I was not reading their heart. I am not clairvoyant! LOL! But, I accidentally tapped into the reality that STORY speaks to the person where they are at. The room can be filled with different ages, stages, educational levels, backgrounds, and cultures when a story is told and every person in the room can learn and hear from GOD directly. IT IS SO POWERFUL AND SO BEAUTIFUL! 

I knew immediately that I had found my tribe! So, I went on to get my doctorate in Biblical storytelling. My dissertation was on how to use Bible stories to disciple the homeless. I did my research practice right here in Omaha at the Open Door Mission. During my research, I had one man that used to draw profanity on his paper. His first paper had this statement, "I will never listen to this madman, Jesus!" Through the process of six weeks of telling the group Bible stories and using simple questions to allow them to discover the truth on their own, the man stopped drawing inappropriate art and started processing what he was discovering. I had no way of knowing who each sheet belonged to because there were no names in my research documents for security purposes. But because he drew on his paper I knew which one was his. I have to admit that I wondered how I was going to present those documents to my panel during my dissertation phase! Oh my!

Two weeks after I finished my research, the young man came up to me weeping and asked if he could talk to me. I was astounded as he shared his story of pain and suffering. He shared about his anger and how he wanted to lash out because of his pain. BUT... when he started hearing how Jesus loved him and desired to have a relationship with him as he processed through the Bible stories. He realized that he needed Jesus. This young man shared with me that he decided to follow Jesus and that he wanted me to know that he was getting baptized the following Sunday. 

I never once told this young man what to believe. I never told him what to do. I never told him to get baptized. All I did was share the Bible stories faithfully and asked questions so that he could listen and hear from God directly. God met him and ministered to his pain. I share this in hopes that you might consider attending this conference to learn how to communicate the Bible in a way that will speak to the heart language of the people you serve. 

Our team has gathered leaders from all over the world that are deep in the process of learning and serving just like you and me! COME JOIN US FOR THIS ONLINE CONNECTION! 


Mark your calendar for NARION 2021!
Join us as we seek, through God's power, to reach ALL NATIONS by ALL MEANS!

Do you desire to reach all nations by all means with the gospel?
Are you looking for a network with which to collaborate?
Do you long for community that seeks to educate through simple, organic, and reproducible methods?
Are you seeking to reach the oral majority in your community?

​If so, the NARION 2021 is the online connection for you!

Online Connection Dates: October 15 - 16, 2021*

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