Monday, March 1, 2021

Well, here is my second round in teaching myself how to create Doodly's! This time I tried to write a short summary of the Big God Story. My goal was to stay under three minutes. Trying to think of images and creating them was fun, but kind of hard, too! 😉 I had to learn how to record my voice and upload it into Doodly! In case you did not know, Doodly is not very user friendly when it comes to audio. There is no auditing audio! UGH! It has to be a perfect recording so I used my phone's recording device. Well, that was after recording it professionally in Audacity on my huge Yeti mic and Doodly not accepting it as a download! O boy! So much to learn! I am still trying to master the doodle paths. I am not there yet. But, I did discover that if I use color then it will show up! THIS SO EXCITED ME! So, I am going to give a challenge. Can you create the Big God story in under three minutes and tell it in a creative way and share it for us to see? I would love to see some really great artists put me to shame and challenge me to grow. I imagine some poets out there could come up with great content, too!

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