Thursday, March 18, 2021

Generosity is a noble character

Sometimes I do not want to be generous! I think the place it is most hard to be generous is when my emotions don't agree with a person or circumstance. I can get so caught up in my emotion that I forget the gift of generosity. I think we often view generosity as what we give financially. But, honestly there is so much more to a generous spirit. A generous spirit takes time to consider the other person and how to bless them in the moment. This can be in presence, words, deeds, or gifts. I love that this verse in Isaiah challenges us to be intentional in being generous. Recently, I was really mad at my husband and emotionally I felt disconnected and frustrated. He approached me in a playful mood and I did not want to be generous in mood or sport, yet God reminded me of a noble woman being intentionally generous. It was my choice to be generous with my heart and person. God would not make me, but I have learned that when I choose well and give generously blessings come back on me. So, I chose to be generous of spirit and to my surprise once again for the thousandth time, my mood changed and we enjoyed a blessed evening. Have you ever been challenged to be intentionally generous? Where might you need to choose to be generous today? 

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