Monday, March 15, 2021

Do you struggle with whose voice to listen to? I find myself wanting to say, "You are not my Shepherd!"

Do you ever wonder which voice you should listen to? I know I do. It seems that there are so many voices out there that say, "Follow me!" This past week, I have been meditating on John 10:1-21. It is the story of the Good Shepherd. I noticed that the voice I follow is pretty important. Three things I observed about the  Good Shepherd's voice is that it leads, gives life, and speaks truth. It doesn't steal, kill, or destroy. 

Listen to today's Bible story and let me know what you learn about the Good Shepherd or His voice. 

The Good Shepherd

I have posted pictures of the process I went through in trying to recall this story. It was very hard for me to recall. Honestly, I felt like every time I tried to tell it, I would get confused. I used about seven different strategies to help me recall this story. Graphing it helped me grasp the organizational flow. And finally the push through of telling it and recording it a few times to listen to and double check myself, finally enabled me to get through to recall. It sure took patience to help me get to the place of understanding so I could tell it. This made me think of how Jesus used different analogies to help the Jews that were listening that day to understand. Jesus used truth, the illustration of the sheep and listening, the gate and freedom to come and go and enjoy life in the full, the shepherd and the hired man's response to the wolf. Why?  Could it be because He really wanted the Jews to understand that He was going to invite the Gentiles to join His flock alongside them?  Or could it be that He wanted the disciples to see how He would invite both Jew and Gentile into the same pen? One flock in unity! Jesus showed patience in explaining to the Jews when they did not understand. He wanted them to listen to His voice as He sought to give life to the full to those that listen. 

I also noticed there were several references about the Good Shepherd giving life. And that there is a knowing of the Good Shepherd both for the sheep and Father. I noticed that knowing meant the sheep would hear His voice, follow Him, and know the Father. The implication is that His voice gives life to the one who knows His voice. 

What might you have discovered about the Good Shepherd and hearing His voice?  I would love to hear! 

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