Monday, January 22, 2024


Do you ever struggle with your will?  I know I do! The other day I had a care worker walk into my house. I had never seen her before. The care workers have clear instructions to enter downstairs through the garage to my parents quarters. 

I was so surprised by someone entering my home as if they belonged. She was a sub and very young. She never made eye contact or introduced herself.  She was about to start walking through the whole house in snow covered cowboy boots. I confess fright and anger were very close to unleashing on her. 

I knew I needed to let Mom make the decision on this person so I willingly held my thoughts at bay. Mom found out she had not eaten. She asked for food for her. So, I went to make her a sandwich. I know we need to model the gift of hospitality. So even though I did not approve of her mannerisms, I willingly served as mom asked. 

Once she was gone I went down to ask Mom how it went. Let's just say we will never use her again. We were all shocked by her behavior because most care givers are so willing to help and be of service. She was too young and honestly did not have the will to be a servant. This is crucial in a caregiver.

As I am choosing descriptive words based on John 10:1-18 to describe the Good Shepherd to help me examine shepherd leadership. Today, I am meditating on the word WILLING.

WILLING is an eagerness to help or to do something with prompt obedience. It is done because the person wants to, not because they have to. 

Jesus was willing to give His life for us. No one made Him. He did it of His own free will.

As a leader in my home, I find myself often in moments where my willingness might be called upon. This was one of those. I have to determine in my heart to will to honor someone that might not act honorably like this care giver. I might need to willingly obey my mom like in the moment of making a sandwich. Honestly, that part was easy. I love serving my family. It was so much harder when the expectation and assumption of how the care worker should behave was not met. I did not have an eager will to serve her. Ugh.

Yet, isn't it the very ones that don't meet our expectations or assumptions that we need to be willing to serve? Think of the fact that Jesus died for our sins. How many still fight against him? Yet, He gave willingly and because He did great blessings come to those that receive. 

How do you struggle with a willingness to serve?

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