Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Questions Jesus Asked

When our children were young Greg used to ask us, "Have you asked a good question today?" I confess at first I thought he was asking me this because I wasn't being thoughtful, but I realized over time as I matured that he asked this because questions have the power to help us learn. He had heard someone ask this question and was so moved by it that he started asking us as a family. 

When I went to seminary, I was taught how to ask good questions when I studied, but it was Dr. John Dent, my editor at Lifeway Publishing that taught me in such a way that I caught the power of a good question.

Then one day I heard Amy Orr Ewing, a female Apologist, say that Jesus asked 153 questions. I had to look them up. I started searching the gospels for every question that Jesus asked. I discovered so much. But the thing that stuck out to me the most was that Jesus used questions because questions reveal what is in the heart! 

I took 82 of those questions and created this video for a speaking engagement for Grace University. I put them in chronological order so that His questions will scroll based on when He would have spoken them. I was so surprised because as I watched the video I noticed that Jesus' questions scrolling actually provide the plan of salvation and that if a person watches the video with the intent to hear they could believe in Jesus just through His questions. 

Yesterday, I was talking with Dr. Tom Steffen about the questions Jesus asked and told him about this video. So, I decided to go and watch again today. This time what surprised me was how worshipful it is to just sit, watch, and listen as the video scrolls. Tears started rolling down my face at the beauty of a question simply spoken. 

My hope is that you will take the time to just sit still and watch the video. Read, listen, and receive whatever God might speak to you through the questions Jesus asked. Which one resonated in your heart today? I would love to know!

Shalom, y'all!

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