Monday, January 15, 2024

Stages of Life & Producing Good Fruit

I saw this picture on the National geographic page and I instantly saw the stages of life, too. But, I saw the physical and spiritual stages of humanity... me and you.

The budding stages are birthed through childhood when we are just beginning to form and about to reveal our personality. This stage just wants to burst out and get started. 

The flowering stage is the young adult. When our youth, vitality and beauty is in full bloom. We honestly think this is it as so many come to us for our nectar. Eventually, our petals get knocked off and we don't feel so beautiful anymore. We don't like our blooms being plucked because it effects our beauty.

The second budding stages are the middle aged years where our youth and vitality begin to fade, but we know we have good fruit but the stage of life we are in has hidden our beauty again. We think we have lost our purpose and beauty, but we are actually about to bear our most beautiful fruit. We must just keep waiting and growing. In this stage, if we are wise we lose the arrogance of our youth and grow in humility. 

But the truth be known that the various seasons we have journeyed are what make us gloriously fruitful in our elder years. This is when we can be plucked by anyone and bear good fruit. 

The last stage is full of good fruit that is meant to be plucked and eaten to nourish the next generation of blooms. This stage rejoices at their fruit being plucked and eaten. This stage doesn't mind giving its fruit away because it knows this is how to yield a greater harvest. If we are wise we will fill our lives with those in this stage and eat as much of their fruit as we can.

Whatever season you are in, each season has its own beauty and purpose. We need each birthing stage for good fruit to nourish those around us. Each stage has its highs and lows. But one thing remains in each stage, without the Vine or the Branch it dies. 

Just as these buds are beautiful so are you right now where you are in your stage of life. Embrace it and learn the lessons from it and be patient as they are revealed. This is how good fruit is born.

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