Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Elijah, What are you doing here?

Have you ever had a holy high and the fell into a unholy crash? 

Ugh. I have. It is the best and then it is the worst.

Then one day I read about Elijah doing the same thing, and I realized I could learn from his story what to do and what not to do.

1. I realized Elijah isolated himself. He separated himself by hiding in a cave and repeating over to himself and then to God all the things that were wrong. Stupid stinking thinking has to go!

2. When God showed up, He reminded Elijah that He is not in the things that knock us down (the wind), the things that shake us up (the earthquake), or the things that burn us up (the fire). He reminded Elijah that Hewass in the whisper. Listen to Him and He will give you the game plan.

3. God also reminded Elijah that there are 7,000 out there doing a good work. You are not the only one. Get over yourself!

4. God also reminded Elijah who to go to, what to do, and how to bless them. You are not done yet and others need to to speak life into them!

5. God then told Elijah to anoint them or said in another way, give them the blessing from your position to carry on the work. You must pass to the next generation the mantle of blessing.

6. God then pointed out that the next generation has the fortitude and strength to handle the battle at hand. Trust them to do the work just as someone else trusted you. 

Hmmmm, these are some pretty good reminders.

So, I find myself asking once again, What are you doing here? 

Maybe, you might need to ask yourself the same question.

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