Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Do you struggle with unbelieving prayer?

Have you ever prayed something and not really believed it would happen? Well, you are not alone. As the disciples gathered at Mary's house (the mom of the Sons of Thunder) to pray for Peter's release, Peter showed up at the front door and when the servant girl Rhoda told them Peter was at the door they said she was out of her mind!  It had to be Peter's spirit! It is so easy to go to the LORD in prayer and not really believe in faith that anything will happen. We often do not realize that our prayers are faithless until we are surprised when God answers. Today, at the mission we discovered that Mary's house was the gathering place for prayer even after her son James was killed by Herod. Yet, Peter knew to run to her home to find the disciples. WOW! Isn't that beautiful! And Rhoda a simple servant girl heard Peter's voice and responded when he knocked at the door. What are we consistently known for? Are we a gathering place for prayer?  Do we see and hear the answered prayer before others? Are we willing to persevere even in pain and ridicule? These are things worthy of praying into our lives. I want these in me, don't you? Amen!

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