Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Have you ever felt forgotten by God?

Have you ever felt forgotten? Have you ever felt forgotten by God? In Psalm 13, we can see the very real and raw emotion of David, the man known for being after God's own heart, as he expresses the emotion of feeling forgotten by God. Yet, as we read David's Psalm we discover a pattern that we can follow in our place of despair that will transition us to hope. 

David's transition takes place when he begins asking God for help. He knew he needed to be real about the pain, feeling, or emotion, but he choose not to stay there. He chose to seek God, proclaim God's character, and give God his praise and worship.

I love learning from the Psalmists. I learn that it is ok to be authentic about our suffering. But, I realize that in order to move from despair to rejoicing I must choose to seek God and choose hope.

Have you ever felt that despair? What helped you to transition to hope?  Are you willing to use this Psalm of Hope to give you a pattern to pray through? 

I know in my life that it has been the habit of choosing to praise God's character that has moved me from despair to hope. This prayer pattern has been one of my core strengths. I figured if it was good enough for David then it is good enough for me. Shalom y'all.

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