Saturday, January 2, 2021

Do I teach anything that is universal?

I often ask myself if a concept I am teaching is universal. Will it apply anywhere and why? Get this! God's love is universal! In His gracious love, God sent Jesus that all who believe in Him will have the gift of eternal life. All people need to know they are loved. All people need to know they have value. All people need to know they have a purpose. These truths are universal. I love that God gives good gifts. We do not have to work for it, compete for it, or even earn it. His love is free. We simply receive His love given in the gift of His Son, Jesus. I have visited people in many nations, jail, prison, homeless shelters, hospitals... always the heart of the issue... Am I loved? Do I have value? Where do I belong?  What is my purpose? The answer is found in knowing God and His plan. He loves you! He created you! He has a purpose for you! He has a gift for you... Jesus! We must simply believe.

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