Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Complete others! Don't compete!

"True vision doesn't compete with others, but completes others!" John C. Maxwell. How does my leadership complete others? Now that is a question worth asking! You know that crazy moment when you feel the thought of jealousy rise up? That is comparison or competition. Slay it! Repent of it! Ask God to cleanse it! It only destroys what could be! Choose to celebrate the gifting and beauty you see in others! Recognize that God has gifted you distinctly as only you can serve. There is no one exactly like you because you are you. Don't try to be someone you are not. Be unapologetically you and let others be that too! Oh in my younger years that beast would pop up in me and I would have to make determined choices to slay it! With practice and humble submission before God it isn't as daunting anymore. I now thrive in unleashing others and see this more the better way. See, if I am competing with you then I cannot unleash you to be you with me and vice versa! So, today let's determine to ask ourselves, how can I complete you?

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