Friday, November 27, 2020

Turkey Escapes 2020

I heard a thud! Swoosh! "Ugh, Oh! I was afraid something like that would happen!" I quickly walked into the family room and saw the turkey in the tin but sitting on the floor by the door, but all of the brine covered my wood floor midway into the room. I ran to grab towels. Three beach towels should do! We stopped and mopped and stopped and mopped. Did you know salt brine is very quick to peel wood floors?  We redress the turkey and finally put it into the smoker. Phew!  But, No! Wait!  An hour goes by and the smoker is not getting hot enough! Two hours! Ugh! Really? Did you know that when it is cold a smoker doesn't get hot enough? So, we preheat the oven. How long do we cook it now?  Will it taste like a smoked turkey? In goes the turkey for two and a half hours at 375. Oh wait! We have to go the airport to get Grant. One will have to stay. Ugh! I said, "Hey, let's just check it and see if it is done." Greg donned the rubber gloves and pulls the 20 pound bird from the oven as the mesquite aroma from the smoker fills our senses with yumminess!  He sticks in the thermometer as we lean in looking to see, "Is it done?" Eureka! Bird one is done!  Now to make bird number two!

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