Monday, November 30, 2020

Abigail - an Instrument of Peace

"God has nothing to do with it!" 

I thought, "Here we go again!" Sometimes, sitting at a family table can be anything but peaceful. I remember as a young person getting all knotted up inside while trying to figure out how to bring peace, but also stand up to my uncle's aggressive logic about God, Christianity, and well me as a follower of Christ. I find myself wondering at times, What does an instrument of peace look like? As I study Abigail, I see some character qualities that birth actions worth noting. Her story is short and can be read in 1 Samuel 25. It includes a surly, foolish, drinking husband and a soon to be passionate king that defends his men's rights and a courageous servant not afraid to defend goodness to protect his people. Upon finding out that Nabal rejected the traditional gift of hospitality during sheep sheering to the shepherds who kept the sheep safe, David decided to kill all of Nabal's men for such a blatant disrespect of him and his men. Abigail, Nabal's intelligent and beautiful wife, provides us with an example of a woman that acts as a peacemaker. Abigail acted swiftly, generously, and humbly as she gathered supplies and greeted David with a bow. When she spoke, Abigail spoke of God's presence and goodness. She spoke life to David reminding him of where he had been and what he had done for the LORD. Abigail spoke life by speaking truths that came as reminders that showed the best of what had been and what will be. She acknowledged clearly the mistakes made and asked for pardon for her husband's error. She spoke with confidence in what she knew about God and David. All of this came from a heart to serve and protect. 

So, again I ask, What makes someone an instrument of peace? The person is swift to respond to circumstances. Acknowledges both the good and bad in the circumstance. Brings God into the conversation and speaks of what God has done and will do. An instrument of peace speaks with confidence in what she knows. She speaks life into the person about who they are called to be and not be! Sometimes this is easier said than done. 

I know one day, as a older teen I spoke boldly to my uncle about my belief in God. He listened and ended up saying, "Now that is a Christian I will listen too!"  When I look back, I realize that it was my confidence to speak up about what I knew that earned me his respect. He never fought with me about God again and even allowed me to talk to him about God through the years. How might you be asked to live out as an instrument of peace today? Which character qualities of Abigail do you need to grow in by acting swiftly to live them out? Praying for a humble, servant heart that acts courageously! Will you join me?