Sunday, February 11, 2024

The sacred trust of awakening someone's gift

There is a sacred trust when it comes to awakening a spiritual gift in someone. When my daughter was little and started dancing, she would dance and twirl all over our living room, delighting in the freedom of movement and expression from her inner soul. Greg and I would watch Mikayla twirl and whirl for hours celebrating the beauty of her childlike freedom. 

As Mikayla grew older, she moved from our living room to dancing in studios learning how to put form and message to her movement that matched a rhythm to music so that a message could be communicated. This was when she encountered the minions of ballet. They were fierce and persistent. "You are not good enough." "You are not strong enough." "You are not pretty enough." "You are not skinny enough." We watched our daughter dance and grow in movement and discover the importance of precision, but we also saw her lose her childlike freedom. We prayed with her. We fought this mental and communal battle alongside her. Praying she not lose her childlike expression. We finally saw her give up on her favorite form of worship in defeat to the lies of the enemy.

BUT GOD then opened a door by a dear friend Bethany Loux, "You should meet my friend Erin Jensen. She is opening a studio." The woo of the dance pulled Mikayla in. It was at BLOOM that we watched our daughter awaken again the childlike freedom to move for the sake of worship. 

Then Ali Darr invited Mikayla to join Evergreen and dance in Gomer, then Esther, then Eve, and now Mary. Last night, as I watched Mikayla dance, I saw our little daughter twirling and moving with the joy of someone doing the dance for the simple sake of worship. I was undone. Her portrayal of Jesus held the childlike confidence that felt free and loved.

My nose burns, and my eyes cloud with tears because it is a sacred thing when someone awakens the gifts in someone so they can freely use them. I saw my little girl now a grown woman unleash her gift with joy unfettered by the minions of ballet.

I saw the trust of young women feeling the freedom to move, bless, and yes tell the story of Mary so beautifully. I have watched every show as many times as possible each year. I have watched them grow in ability, friendship, and as storytellers through dance. The one thing that blesses me most is the freedom to use their gift. 

Thank you to all who make it possible for honoring the sacred trust of awakening the gift of dance at Bloom, Evergreen, and Seed Company. I love this community of faith.

Photo credit from Evergreen Instagram

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