Tuesday, February 20, 2024

God's humor in stopping a killer king

I often feel like irrational behavior cannot be stopped. But irrational behavior can be stopped! Sometimes, the best way to stop it is comically. We would be wise in asking how we can pray for a humorous stop to irrational behavior.

As I have been reading, 1 Samuel 18 and 19, I noticed that King Saul's irrational behavior just kept spiraling. It started with jealousy then progressed to fear that kept escalating. At first he threw spears at David, then King Saul tried to use the Philistines, his servants, his son, his daughter, more spear throwing, and more Philistine battles to get David killed. To no avail King Saul was out of control.

Then King Saul decided to send messengers to kill David. But God put a stop to their journey in the most unusual way. God allowed them to encounter a company of prophets. As they encountered prophets of God, suddenly, this band of killer messengers started prophesying. Imagine Saul getting word that his killer messengers were now praising, preaching, and praying instead of killing David!

So Saul sends a second band, but they also encounter the prophets and start prophesying. At this point you would think Saul would stop to question why, but not so. 

He sends a third band of messengers only to have them start prophesying, too. So what is a mad King to do but go himself? I imagine King Saul's heart attitude was "if you want a job done you just got to do it yourself!" 

Saul was so bent on his rage against David, he just knew the company of prophets were no problem for him. I visualize him moving through a wooded area only to enter the space where his band of prophesying messengers were humbled before God and the company of prophets ready to whip them all into action, but... What does he do when he encounters the prophets? He takes off his royal robes and starts prophesying, too. Would be killer becomes prophet!

By definition a prophet or to prophesy is someone who speaks by the inspiration of God. It is NOT about fortune telling. It is about praising, preaching, or praying under God's inspiration. 

We are not told what they said that day. But we do know that Saul was bent on killing David, BUT GOD DID NOT ALLOW IT. Instead God stopped King Saul's men and him in their tracks. God caused a humbling moment and caused them to take off their royal robes and surrender to God's inspiration in praise, preaching or prayer. What a powerful moment visualizing God's intervention and humor! 

This scene makes me laugh. Chapter 19 ends with a sarcastic question, "Is Saul among the prophets?" 

When I read true stories like this one and consider God's humor, it gives me greater insight into how to pray for those that serve as enemies. Why not pray the LORD thwart their efforts by turning them into prophets... even if it only lasts for a moment it can thwart their plans and allow the one under attack to flee safely.

I love that God is humorous! Don't you!

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