Thursday, September 21, 2023

Jesus' Story and Message Revealed

My friend called me yesterday afternoon because she needed to process something. She said I am always concise in my responses. I had to laugh because I don't think I am concise. My posts prove it, but I sure do appreciate it when I receive a concise answer or message is given that packs a punch. 

Yesterday, I was studying John 1:19-51. This passage shares about Jesus' calling of the disciples. It truly hits home on what is important to know. I realized John was concise in sharing what mattered in His message. 

Probably 10 to 15 years ago, God revealed to me something beautiful in this short passage. As each disciple was introduced to Jesus they called Him a different name or spoke of an aspect of His identity. If you read just the titles given in this passage you will hear Jesus' story and message. John knew how to be concise and pack a punch in a story.

This is what God revealed to me so long ago. It still ministers to me powerfully today.

1. Lamb of God: Jesus' sacrifice (spoken by John).
2. Son of God: Jesus' divinty (spoken by John). 
3. Lamb of God: Jesus' sacrifice (spoken again by John). 
4. Rabbi (Teacher) : Jesus' calling (spoken by two disciples one of them was Andrew).
5. The Messiah (Christ): Jesus' title (spoken by Andrew).
6. Written about by Moses and the Prophets: Jesus' Old Testament History (spoken by Philip).
7. Jesus of Nazareth: Jesus' New Testament History (spoken by Philip).
8. Son of Joseph: Jesus' humanity (spoken by Philip).
9. Rabbi: Jesus' calling (spoken by Nathaniel).
10. Son of God: Jesus' divinty (spoken by Nathaniel).
11. King if Israel: Jesus' reign(fulfillment): (spoken by John).
12. The Son of Man: Jesus' Humanity (Spoken by Jesus).

Remember that repetitions are important! Jesus' sacrifice, divinty, humanity, calling, and title are repeated. Repitions shout that this is important!

Also, notice that each person identified with different aspects about Jesus. This is because God will uniquely meet us where we are at and will reveal Himself to us in what will speak to our heart language. It will be different for each person. 

The following two are blessings of what Jesus does for us and not necessarily a name. 

1. Takes away the worlds sins: Jesus' gift (spoken by John).
2. Baptizes with the Holy Spirit: Jesus' blessing (spoken by John).

So why did John write about the disciples calling Jesus certain names when Jesus invited them to follow Him?

Is it to help us seek how we should know Him?

Is it to reveal Jesus' story and message?

Maybe he had no clue what we would discover from his notes. But it sure is obvious God was penning Jesus' story through John.

What character traits of Jesus do you identify with today? 

What character traits did you identify with Jesus when you started to follow Him? 

Right now my word is glory. I am seeking His glory to be revealed to me and basking in His wonder awe!  Which is a revelation of His divinity. I want to know Him more this way!

I would love to hear what yours is! 

Shalom y’all!

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