Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Great is thy faithfulness!

Do you ever awake hearing a song? I do! Even though I do not have the gift of music! Most of the time even if I awake singing a song in my heart I can't name it or sing it a loud, but this morning I awoke singing "Great is thy faithfulness."  

Yesterday, in a meeting with a leader in Europe he prayed faithfulness over me and my ministry. I had shared that I just want to be faithful in what God has given me. So when his training ended, he prayed I would be faithful. He is working hard behind the scenes for a course that ASM is allowing me to create. Many things and people get in the way of me recording and sending him the scripts. These are people and things I am faithful to, but now I am seeking to add in a new habit of creating for a season. I need faithfulness to push through.

It reminded me of a moment when Greg and I first met when he said to me, "I have never met someone as faithful as you."

At that time in my life, I felt like no one would ever call me faithful because of one choice I made. I thought that one choice would define me for life as unfaithful. But God loves to show us His faithfulness. His steadfast love and pursuit of me showed me how to walk faithfully in the small habits that I honestly thought are never seen or heard by anyone, but Him. But here Greg revealed to me that he could see faithfulness in me.

Greg's compliment at that time in my life was probably the most beautiful compliment I had ever received. I realized this morning that even today it is a word that blesses me. That prayer by my trainer was so soul filling. It made me want to be ever so faithful! And Greg's compliment encouraged me in faithfulness, too.

Do you see it? Faithfulness is best done in community or relationships. Even when it is done in secret it can be seen by God for certain! But, whether we realize it or not those around us can see what we are doing faithfully whether good or bad. It is experienced by others through us.

Faithfulness! Pray for it! 

Pray to know the faithfulness in God's character. 

Choose to walk in faithfulness in the tiny habits that will daily show your faithfulness as you go, serve, and live. 

In time, the faithful little habits bear good fruit. 

Truly, Great is His faithfulness!

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