Wednesday, June 22, 2022

God honors those that honor Him

When is civil disobedience okay in the eyes of God?

In Exodus 1:1-22, we discover that God honored the midwives when they protected the lives of little boys being born. Pharoah commanded that they kill them at birth, but they disobeyed Pharaoh and let the little Hebrew boys live. God honored their decision and blessed them with families of their own.

See, back then when a woman could not have children, she was socially despised and greatly disadvantaged socially and politically. Women were property good for bearing children. When a woman could not bear children. she might become a midwife so she can at least be near children and the blessing of bearing them. 

Shiphrah and Puah (midwives) chose to disobey Pharoah at great risk. They could lose their lives but God showed His pleasure with their choice to save lives by blessing their wombs! Wozer!

But, even beyond the blessing of family. God used these two brave women to make a way for two deliverers: Moses and Jesus. 

God used them to fulfill His promise to Abraham to make him the father of a great nation. God used them to fulfill His promise to Jacob to make his family into a great nation. God used them to fulfill His promise to send Israel into the promised land by sending baby Moses that would deliver Israel from Egypt and eventually to send the Messiah through their descendants!

Sometimes, in the moment when we struggle to make the right decision, maybe great risk is involved, maybe we are very disadvantaged, trust that God has a plan and when we walk in obedience blessings will come. Recognize that some fruit will remain unknown because it is fulfilled generationally, but God honors those that honor Him and His commands.

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  1. Gods timing us perfect. ThNk you for posting this