Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Truth & Love

Truth and love... these two character qualities can change any situation. There is power in them so much so that lies abound to destroy both. 

I am listening to an audiobook called REMEMBER ME. It is about the Spanish War in 1937. 

It is a historical fiction telling what it might have been like to be one of the 400 children that were shipped to Mexico to protect them from the war. 

Over and over truth and love were the factors that brought blessing. Hatred and lies only caused destruction. 

This book has really made me think about what is happening in the Ukraine, in the US, and well around the world. What would happen if truth and love were brought into the circumstances?

Did you know that in the Bible God is called Truth and Love? These are character traits of the Most High God and when we walk in them we most look like Him. 

Today, as I interact I am internally asking, How can I bring truth and love to this moment? When I do this right it shuts down my stupidity and makes me look so much smarter and more compassionate. Now that is a good thing!

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