Sunday, January 23, 2022

Jesus is Risen and Gives the Great Commission

What I love about asking these simple questions when I study the Bible is that it allows me to hear from God directly what He needs me to hear. 

I don't know about you, but sometimes obedience us hard, scary, and overwhelming. 

How can I? Who am I? 

You know the question reel in your brain. But, then God sends the reminder, "Do not be afraid!" 

I may not have an angel appearing, but the consistent study and listening to His Word brings about His authority in me. It is one crazy thing. A mystery. I cannot explain and I cannot achieve it on my own. Yet, BUT GOD! Somehow, obedience happens in me and I am walking in it before I know a change has happened. 

I never had it on my list to teach nations. Yet, God brings me people from different nations that ask me to teach them. 

Have you ever read the Resurrection and the Great Commission passage and simply asked, "How does this apply to me? What do you want me to go? Who do you want me to teach or disciple?"

Trust His presence! Trust His authority! Trust His Word! And remember, it is never ever about me! 

Father, please show me the who and the where. I will obey Your how!

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