Monday, January 10, 2022

Generosity comes from the Latin root of noble birth

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Did you know that the word generosity comes from the root words "to be of noble birth"?

Aristotle is quote as saying that generosity is seeking to be noble in your actions. But the more I study generosity, the more I realize it is so much more than giving monetary. It is giving of words, time, talent, treasure, and hope.

In the moment, when I want to be sparky generosity is being kind because it is the noble thing to do.

When I feel I have no time and I have someone that has a legitimate need in their life that I can meet, it is the noble thing to do it.

When I see an opportunity to give and feel compelled in my spirit to give, I do so without expectation of return. In fact, it is best it not be known I gave. This one us hard to do with our world of record keeping. But it is noble to find ways to give without being seen.

It is when I see an opportunity to be a blessing and bring about noble influence in a situation through guided conversation, encouragement, etc. While seeking the noble outcome even when it means sacrifice on my part.

Generosity comes from noble birth because our God is a generous God. He is who gives us our noble birth and the ability to be generous. 

Father, will You please teach me how to be generous and live out of my nobility rather than my poverty. In Jesus name, amen

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