Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Parable of the Tenant

What will the Vineyard owner do?

I have read the Parable of the Tenant (Mark 12:1-12) for three days now.  Sometimes God just wants us to sit and be still in a passage.  

There is so much here, but what I caught for prayer in this moment is that when the religious leaders that sought to hurt Jesus heard this story they feared the crowd and walked away. I thought now that is a great prayer today. 

Father, let those who seek destruction of Your people that You placed in this massive garden called earth let them fear the crowd and walk away from seeking to cause more destruction.  I especially long for this in the Ukraine right now.  I recognize that this is a temporary fix because they will seek to do it again. Thank you for being so faithful in sending servants so that even they may know You and respect Your Son. In Jesus name amen

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