Tuesday, October 26, 2021

"I do!"

30 years ago today Greg and I said, "I do!" 

Have you ever thought what those two words really mean?

Love is an action and in our marriage vows it is spoken as, "I do!" 

"I do" means that I am your yes and amen (so be it). Consider just some of the ways we "I do" through the years...

"I do" to you! 
"I do" time with you!
"I do" lots of talking with self-disclosure exposing my highs and lows with you!
"I do" laughter and tears with you!
"I do" celebrations and devastations! 
"I do" births and deaths with you!
"I do" the best of my physical being and the worst of me with you!
"I do" disappointments and surprises with you!
"I do" natural phenomenon and disasters with you!
"I do" family both the good and the bad with you!
"I do" life knowing and serving with you! 
"I do" gathering of friends, coworkers, and neighbors with you! 
"I do" struggle and worship with you.
"I do" dinners, meals, feasts and fasts with you.
"I do" seasons, years, months, weeks, hours and minutes with you.
"I do" means I die to me and say yes to you.

Every day and every moment is  offered as an "I do" to you.

We have had 30 years of "I do" Greg Rye both the good and the bad and here we are stilling saying "I do". 

I am a better human because I said, "I do" to you! 

Thanks babe for being you!

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