Saturday, May 22, 2021

Growth Over Movement

Have you ever noticed that true growth is never about the other, but about you? I literally can reflect on images in my mind of times when I really wanted God to do something in another person, but when I stopped and took time to pray and seek the LORD, He always showed me that He wants growth in me not movement. 

I have discovered that when I focus on the other person's "issue" or "fault" I toss to and fro. When I am in a pendulum of movement it has no place to stop because I cannot control another. I can only control me. So, when I pause and ask God to grow me, I stop tossing and become peaceably settled because I begin to move from the Spirit's grace and gifting and not my need for control or even revenge. 

I love it when I live in it. I hate it when I don't. Because movement causes motion sickness, but growth bears good fruit. 

I found some rich truths that bring spiritual growth in my life. These are not exhaustive, but they help me settle in and stop being tossed to and fro. May you might find this to be true for you, too.

Dwelling richly in Ephesians 4:1-16 (Consider reading it).

1. I am called to live a life worthy of the calling I have received in Christ. I am also called to the 7 fold Oneness in Christ.

2. When I dwell richly in Christ I am able to be humble, gentle, patient, in the Spirit, and in peace.

3. The actions I must take are bearing with others, loving others, and making every effort to keep spiritual unity with others.

4. I have received the gift of grace (kindness of God) and leadership gifts by God. 

5. I am to use the grace and gifts to serve, build up, grow the unity of faith, and to encourage maturity, wholeness, and the full measure of Christ among those who believe. 

6. I am to guard against being spiritually an infant, being tossed to and fro by every kind of teaching, craftiness, and scheming.

7. I am to seek growth over movement by speaking truth in love, growing, maturing, building up in love, and doing my part.

This morning as I found myself once again tossing to and fro God used these seven reminders of who I am and what I am called. Generous grace will bear witness. I may not ever see it, but I can trust the gift of this truth. 

Father, please help me to grasp grace (Your loving kindness) so that I might live a life that is gracious and full of generous gratitude that brings growth for Your glory. In Jesus name amen.

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