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What I discovered about God in the story of Deborah and Barak

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I have always found the story of Deborah and Barak fascinating and a bit creepy when I consider that Jael pushed a tent stake through the king's temple! But when I reflect on GOD and how He works in our lives, I love that GOD provides us a story of a woman leader. It gives me comfort as a woman and as someone that wants to be a leader to see Deborah's example. Recently as I studied the story of Deborah and Barak, I reflected on what I learn about GOD in this passage and I am always surprised by what GOD reveals to me when I ask this question, What do I learn about God? I have provided below some of the truths I discovered about GOD. I especially love how GOD gave Deborah details of who to talk to, what will happen, and how He will work it out. 

Go read the passage and see what God reveals to you in Judges 4. 

Here is what I discovered! 

 1. What do I learn about God? 
     a. God knows when the Israelites do evil. 
     b. God hands Israel over to Jabin, King of Canaan. 
     c. God heard the cry of Israel when Israel cried out to God in their oppression. 
     d. God used Deborah, a woman, as a prophet, to judge and send messages. 
     e. God sent Deborah with a command in what to do. It included who and where! 
     f. God uses details when He sends messages. 
     g. God uses Deborah to lead Barak to lead the nation out into battle. 
     h. God routed Sisera at Barak’s advance.
     i. God waited for Barak to do what was commanded. 
     j. God subdued the King of Canaan, Jabin. 
    k. God caused mountains to quake when Deborah and Barak sang a song praising the LORD. 
    l. God uses people to help Him in battles. 

1. What to emphasize about God?
    a. God does NOT tolerate evil! 
    b. God knows our choices and releases us to our enemies when our choices are evil. 
    c. God releases us to our evil. 
    d. God hears our cry for help. 
    e. God sends prophets and messengers.
    f. God gives commands that need to be followed. 
    g. God uses women to lead. 
    h. God routes the enemy.
    i. God uses people to accomplish help! I find the story so encouraging. I do not need to fear evil and I can trust that GOD will route the enemy. Isn't that comforting! 

What blesses you about this story? 

As you read through what I discovered about God and what I thought was important to emphasize did you have anything that stood out to you as important? 

What made it significant to you? 

I know for myself each time I read through it I can apply it to different areas of my life. I confess that it is a little bit scary to know that God will release a person or a nation to their choices when they are evil. This has such great consequences for those around us. But, I have tremendous hope when I realize that GOD will send messengers, prophets, and leaders to do His work. We just need to be willing to obey when He does. I love that GOD uses people to accomplish His work. I love that you or I could be the one He chooses to use! Don't you! 

How can you pray this story into your life today? For me, it is that I listen to Him clearly and that I give the messages He asks and I do what He presents to me to do!

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