Monday, June 28, 2021

Lessons from the Healing of a Leper

(Taken from

Reflections from 2 Kings 5 and the story of the servant girl telling her Master, the mighty warrior, Naaman to go to his enemy's prophet for healing.

1. Sometimes the unwilling placement of a servant girl can lead to the best opportunities for faith. Lesson from a servant girl.

Insignificant people can effect change! 

2. Sometimes people in high places must bow before prophets. Lesson from a mighty warrior.

Pride must be dealt with. Period!

3. Sometimes we create our own uneasiness by misinterpreting the words and actions of others that are well intended. It is a kindness to ourselves if we think no evil. A lesson from a king.

Dwell on the things of God it stops the stressful spiral.

4. Sometimes, the one who has the ear of the king is wise to give ear to his servants. A Lesson from a mighty warrior.

Be teachable it makes you reachable.

5. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is the simplest step or process. A lesson from a mighty warrior.

KISS... Keep It Simple Stupid.

6. Spiritual healing does not come from showy or big displays, but from simple obedience and cleansing. 

Read your Bible, pray every day, and you will grow, grow, grow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Heaven's Hospitality: 1 Samuel 25 Nabal, Abigail & David

Sometimes, when we are in a situation where we feel oppressed and not important we can discover that it is in the moments that God can most use us. In today's Bible story, we will discover that two oppressed people: a servant and a wife end up saving their entire clan and reminding the man of God, God's chosen path for him. As you listen to the story of Nabal, Abigail, and David unfold examine the outcomes of their hospitality and how it impacted those around them. The constrasts in this story are quite profound. Let me know what you discover! Shalom y'all!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

What will bring hope where you dwell?

Have you ever felt the weight of a mental pit? Or the oppression of a location and situation that put you in a pit of despair? Or dealt with the cloak of gloating by enemies around you? David knew these well. 

Yet, David chose to focus his mind on higher things.  In Psalm 30, David reminds us that praise places us in high places. David shows us how hope rises in those who dwell in thanksgiving. 

It is my choice in how I dwell. It is not a location or the people but my heart and what I bring to the space. If I choose to exalt God and acknowledge all He has already done, I will know hope rising in me. 

How can you praise God today? I get it. Sometimes it is so much easier to focus on the ugh, but choose to speak praise and acknowledge the goodness of God even when you really do not want to. It will lift you up.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Heaven's Hospitality: Genesis 19:1-26 Lot & the Two Visitors

Our hospitality will reveal our character in the small moments. 

Heaven's Hospitality: Genesis 19:1-26 Lot & the Two Visitors

Do you ever feel afraid?

Do you ever feel afraid?  Do you ever feel like your enemy has the upper hand? Psalm 27 is David's Psalm of Hope in the face of enemies. Notice that David only spent a few verses declaring what his enemy was doing, but spent the rest of the Psalm focused on holy soul talk. David spent more time reminding himself about the character of God. 

Do you see how David speaks often of God as His dwelling place? Why? Hope knows where to dwell. Hope does not dwell on the enemy. It acknowledges the reality before God and then focuses on the character of God. Hope is a choice of focus. 

What character traits of God do you need to focus on today? Which ones do you need to lift up in praise? Will you choose God confidence? 

I sure hope so because this the sacred place where Hope is born.  

Shalom y'all!